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    500 Point Battlegroup Blitzkrieg – Defence Line

    Last weekend we had a run out with Battlegroup Blitzkrieg as a break from all things sandy!

    The game started bad for the Germans, with the French rolling very high for initial defenders and able to construct a very good front line defence area, with plenty of troops, in fortified houses and interlocking fields of fire backed up by two very well placed RTPs for the off board artillery. One flank was covered by a minefield and the other by an MG nest.

    The German attack began shaky, losing troops from the start to enemy artillery fire and splitting troops on both flanks didn’t help. The German left flank soon became hung up on the MG nest, and the fire support it got from a fortified cottage to its rear.

    As this proved to tough to get through, the Germans pushed the right flank and eventually managed to get troops on the flank of the defence line but at high cost as another fortified building held out to rifle, MG and cannon fire.

    As more German troops began to push forward, the attack on the MG nest began as the Pioneer Platoon arrived, but this attack ran into one of the RTPs and suffered from artillery fire from both off table guns and a French battery that had arrived and set up in the church yard at the rear of the town. Casualties began to mount and this attack stalled.

    With losses mounting the German focus switched to the other flank and a push into the industrial area began and a foothold was gained. One German unit singlehandedly blunted an improvised counter-attack by French reinforcements, driving it off with rifle fire and support from two MG34 teams. Slowly the fortified factory defenders were reduced and eventually the remaining defenders surrendered.

    However the German force had taken heavy losses in the actions on both flanks and as they finally pushed into the town, the French second line of defence opened fire with an MMG and several rifle teams. In this exchange of fire a number of German units were cut down and the losses pushed the Germans over their Battle Rating to give a victory to the French defenders.

    A very exciting and close game, really down to the wire and very tense for both sides as troops infiltrated through buildings and alleyways trying to gain an advantage and surprise.

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    Outrageously handsome.

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    Breathtaking as usual. A visual feast of wargaming ambrosia. You inspire me with each report. Thank you for posting this and sharing your talent and genius in matters miniature. Bravo, sir.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

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    Absolutely magnificent!

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    I really don’t understand how you can bring yourself to take part in these games Piers, it must be such a chore!

    Outstanding as usual.

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    Thanks guys…

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    Beautiful table !!!

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