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    Most years there are what I did get for crimble topics, which is totes fine.
    Though I thought it maybe easier to lump them all in one topic for making the finding and appreciating easier.

    Don’t feel obliged though, just a thought.


    Ivan Sorensen

    No wargaming actually, but getting myself the reprints of a couple of FGU roleplaying games (Flashing Blades, Privateers&Gentlemen, Swordbearer)

    Nordic Weasel Games


    My daughter Mary ordered WW1 troops from BF for my X-mess, they are all on back order…maybe late Jan or March…but soon!!!!!!

    Steve Johnson

    Books on the French Revolutionary Wars and the 1st Jacobite Rebellion for me.


    I’m getting a 4×8 mat, some grass tufts, a couple of tanks and bren carriers, some blitzkrieg German infantry and some British commandos.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!


    Nothing for me except for present boxes and containers that looks pretty useful. One in particular, is a decoration globe that had ear rings inside, the globe is metallic and will make a nice planet if I ever go into spaceship gaming.

    I love those little mesh bags, very useful for chain link fence.

    Tired is enough.

    Angel Barracks

    Not really gaming as such, but with a mind to inspire gaming…

    Kaptain Kobold

    I blogged mine, but basically it was one of Bob Cordery Portable Wargames boos, a couple of histories of the English Civil War and a couple of boardgames.




    For me, I got Osprey’s Lost Expedition, a Rapier Miniatures t-shirt and Peter Pig’s PBI & PBI Company Architect book.

    Added bonus, just about to go & collect my Brigade Models order from the post office – large bunch of 6mm sf mini’s.



    Late to the ball, but my wife got me Poilu, the story of Corporal Barthe, who served in the trenches from 1915-1918. He used up a number of lives but started with 9 or so. He wrote well and saw amazing things. His take on trench raiders was something like that of the film Capitaine Conan – they were a breed apart, not nice folks. An excellent book.

    This too shall pass


    And here I thought I was the only one who’d ever seen that film! 

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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