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    After freezing our nads off at the Ascot racecourse last year, the 2022 edition of Warfare turned up the heating significantly with a trip to the desert in a Biblical-themed competition at the all-new Farnborough venue.

    That meant the Linear B tactics of an improved and enhanced Mycenean army got to have a run out in five games of L’Art de la Guerre, all laced with dreadful poetry, terribly inappropriate speech-bubble captions, almost no tactics and even a smattering of your best quality American Ska-Punk in a series of reports punningly now known as Homer’s The Silly-iad.

    There was a young man called Achilles,
    Anyone that he fought got the willies,
    He had a big horse,
    (It was wooden, of course!),
    And a penchant for terrible ditties!
    (Homer, The Silly-iad)

    Read on to experience the full poetic horror of these 5 match reports!


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    I love the limericky doggerel!  And as ever, the battle reports themselves.

    Perhaps appropriately, I seem to recall an episode of the Simpsons where Homer of Springfield tried his three fingered hand at boxing.  If I remember correctly, his strategy was to stand there and get hit in the head constantly, until his opponent collapsed in an exhausted heap.

    Very impressed that you tried to implement that particular battle plan.

    Actually, on serious note, I did appreciate the subtlety to leave enough weakpoints in your line to entice the enemy commanders to charge.   Clever!

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