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    Robey JenkinsRobey Jenkins

    Over the Horizon the definitive supplement for Horizon Wars is available from Wargame Vault, now! But why not got via Precinct Omega’s own downloads page and pick up the free The Maul rules while you’re there?

    Horizon Wars is a 2-10mm science fiction combined arms wargame (although some people play it at 15mm, too) designed to be played with whatever minis you have handy.

    Over the Horizon adds a wealth of new options, including:

    Superheavy units

    Transforming robots (and other things)

    Tactical electronic warfare

    Giant monsters

    Weird science

    Solo and cooperative play rules

    Tournament rules

    and MORE!

    Over the Horizon is £15.00 for the PDF, but if you prefer your supplements in the FREE variety, do check out our downloads page for The Maul – a blend of soccer and basketball played by giant robots (and even squishy humans who are mad enough) – and Battle Royale, the ultimate one-on-one mech combat game.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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