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    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    I had this Idea to use Horizon Wars, as system I already know and love, to have some mechs fight it out in space.

    I’ve started work on some rules modifications and a pair of spaceships, but today I have some finished Mechs to show you:

    The NIJA’s SADU have these MA.K. inspired fighting suits. While techically big power armor or exosuits, I’m going to use mech construction rules to stat up all the units.

    Class 2 fighting suit. The SADU line unit.

    Class 1 fighting suit. Favorite of special ops and scouts, it’s smaller, but at least as deadly as it’s bigger cousin.

    The USS exoarmors. More of a traditional design than the SADU, but similar in sophistication and technical expertise.

    The Trooper class line unit armor.

    The Brute class armor. Heavier and better equipped, it’s an assault unit popular with agressive commanders.

    The full post on the blog: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.se/2017/03/update-terrain-boards-wip-space-mechs.html

    Thanks for looking!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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