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    I like Horse, Foot and Guns. I have played them for a few years new and felt that they generally gave a good, enjoyable game and highly suitable for solo play. I have been playing a playtest version that was put out on the Yahoo! Group for free. I understand that a version was incorrectly put out on Lulu and this has been amended, but this (correct)version is the playtest version. Why has a playtest version been put on sale? Or is this now the final version? I had thought that Phil Barker was working on completing HFG at the moment – does this mean the final version of HFG will follow this published playtest version in (relatively) short order?


    Steve Burt

    The version on Lulu is (now) the latest playtest version. So anyone who wants a nicely printed copy with all the army lists can have one.

    Phil is working on the rules, but I imagine it will be a year or two at least before the final version appears.

    Not Connard Sage

    Read this, from the Fanaticus forum.




    and this, on Bob Cordery’s blog.




    In short, no-one, including the Barkers, appear to know what versions are being/have been published. The only thing that appears to be clear is that HFG v2.0 The Final Draft is still not ready for publication, and may not be ready for some time yet.

    "I'm not signing that"

    Steve Burt

    I just got the updated version from Lulu – the most obvious difference from the previous one is that is has Phil’s picture on the back!

    Not checked in detail for differences, but it appears to be the same as the 2006 version of the rules (i.e. the latest version) and includes all the army lists.

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