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    Alvin Molethrottler

    My (6mm) Cold War Soviet collection is primarily based around a Naval Infantry regiment and supporting assets. I have a couple of Lebed hovercraft and an Aist (all from Scotia-Grendel) and I’m wondering how to get them on the table using the 5CBC rules.

    Given that the rules don’t seem to cover amphibious operations I’m thinking of a new unit category called “Sea Mobile”. Sort of like airmobile where you can use a helicopter model when airborne and an infantry base when deployed, sea mobile would use a hovercraft when over water/beach and then swap that out for a tank or infantry company when they deploy.

    I was also thinking of allowing sea mobile to go straight into an assault, again just like airmobile troops, and giving the hovercraft a move of 18″ (over water/beach) to facilitate this. As to the matter of shock/kill dice, I’m currently thinking that 1 Shock dice vs infantry would be sufficient when firing, or maybe no dice at all – as transports they aren’t exactly heavily armed.

    I’m hoping to solicit any thoughts or ideas you may have on this subject.

    P.S. I also have some generic landing craft and a scratch built representation of the front end of an Ivan Rogov…

    Ivan Sorensen

    Cheers mate.

    I’d use the “mobile troops” unit as a baseline. I’d give them very limited firepower. Your suggestion of 1S sounds pretty spot on. They’re not really intended as heavy combat forces.

    Being able to assault from sea sounds like a good rule to make them distinct.

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Alvin Molethrottler

    Thanks Ivan, I may not be able to play test these ideas immediately but when I do I’ll dig up this thread and put in a report on how things went.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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