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    I was reading the “Joy of 6” thread, and for whatever reason, the question of table size for 6mm games popped into my head.  The smallest table that I’ve ever run a game on was a 2’x2′ table for a 20mm Vietnam game.  In recent years, maybe a third of my 15mm games have been on 6’x4′ tables, but I’ve never run a 6mm game on less than 9’x6′, and through the years, probably 85% of them have been on tables ranging from 12’x6′ to 16’x5′.  It just sort of struck me as ironic that my smallest scale games have frequently been on my largest tables.  Now most of them have been WWII and post war games with lots of tanks moving around, and shooting at range, but it still strikes me as kind of surprising.

    Anyway, how big are your typical 6mm game tables?


    1.25 X 1.6.  When I win the lotter 1.8 X 4.

    Rules Junkie Jim

    I use a 90 x 60cm MDF board. I can use the dining table, which is 5′ by 3′, but I very rarely do these days. I mostly use 6mm for skirmish gaming though, and 3mm for larger scale battles.

    Norm S

    I find myself in the same position as Rules Junkie Jim, though at the upward end, limited to 4′ x 3′.

    My main scale is 10mm, with bases typically on a 40mm frontage.

    I have 20mm and 28mm currently on my painting table!!!! I am probably deluding myself.

    Mr. Average

    I’ve played games happily on all sizes of table.  If space is limited, I play in metric instead of Imperial units, and you can extend the relative size of the table in terms of maneuvering by making the terrain more dense.  Like RJJ above, when I want to play larger scale games I play with smaller scale vehicles, so for big battalion-to-regiment scale games I play with 3mm scale anyway.  As squad to platoon size, I play on 24″ x 24″ to 36″ x 36″, maxing out at about 48″ x 60″.

    Angel Barracks

    I found 3′ x 3′ to be too big.
    2′ x 2′ to be too small if using armour.
    2′ x 3′ to be just right.



    I generally play 15mm and use tables between 12×5′ and 20×6′. If I were to play 6mm I’d likely still use such large tables and just have more “approach space” surrounding the battlefield.


    The Bandit

    Mike Harrop

    The smallest I use is 2.5’x3′ and the largest 6’x4′ which requires all of my cut up sections of my MatOWar to be used in conjunction.

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    I use four 2’x4′ to run various sizes of table in 6mm, and yet usually it seems like there is never enough space . . .

    To model the effect of Nuclear weapons on the wargaming table, apply jerry can of fuel to board, light match and stand well back.


    1.2 meters x 0.9 metres in my bunker so it’s my winter table of choice. In the summer I mount a 6 feet x 4 feet table in my garage. The play is the same but the size of the games changes.

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    Shaun Travers

    2’x2′ for WW2.  It fits into the map drawers I use for long term gaming setup.  My children are getting older and I am thinking of upscaling to 3’x2′ but I am not sure I will be able to handle it 🙂  I normally do 20mm WW2 at the same ratio (1:10) on a 4.5’x5′.  To play on 2’x2′, I simply convert 20mm rules from inches to centimetres.




    3×2 for me, usually.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    6’x4′ or 8’x4′.

    For me, using smaller scale minis just means I can play bigger actions on the same sized table. It doesn’t mean I reduce the size of my table…


    Steve Johnson

    For CWC it used to be the standard 6’x4′ table. This worked well for the longer gun ranges compared to BKC. Somehow it also looked right and gave the feel of a large scale battle.


    Recently played a 6mil desert game on a 4’x 4′ and it still felt like the wide open spaces with plenty of room for manoeuvre…


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