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    Cacique Caribe

    Do these two brands of Wolf troops fit well together?

    DARKEST STAR GAMES – Garrhul Pack


    RAFM – War Hounds of Sirius


    There are also a couple of additional War Hound poses in this other RAFM set:



    Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/with/72157710630529376

    Darkest Star Games

    I have indeed seen them together.  The RAFM dogos are more robust but i have been told that they look together no differently than human variations of height and weight.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    telzy amber

    I’m very interested in this question also.

    I recently purchased Ralfm set RAF07015. Very nice sculpts, evidently done by the young Perry twins for Citadel/Games Workshop back in the before days. The castings were clean and sharp in the main. There are four castings with two each and two single castings. One pair has a very long stride advancing and is 15mm tall sole of foot to top of head. The next two pairs are 16mm tall, advancing rifle on left side and advancing rifle cross body. Next pair stationary head turned to right, rifle cross body 15mm. One single is head turned to right, right arm extended to right pointing 15mm tall. The last is stationary pistol pointed upward, crouched 15mm. If you count pointed ears some of the poses are 16mm, difficult to measure precisely.

    I also have the support staff set RAF07028 however my set only has the one warhound figure in the upper row. In place of the one in the lower row I have two of the human figures in the top row. The warhound figure in this set has a very long stride, is 15mm, and has a bag, no weapons.

    I emailed Ralfm when I discovered the missing warhound, July 30,  but have received no reply. Perhaps they will do better for you.

    If you are interested the Car Leonis (felines) are all almost exactly 15mm tall. The feline officer, with sword, in the Support Staff set RAF07028 is 16mm the other two are 15mm.


    Don’t forget there are several packs available of Canid troops at the Ion Age at Alternaive Armies – I have these – they are very nice.

    IAF155 Beotan 1st Tesseran – Juno Rifle

    Gun Dog Miniature Painting Services
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    telzy amber

    I have a few of the Alternative Armies Beotans. The ones I have are 20mm tall. Nicely cast and posed but they do take up a lot of personal space

    I had forgotten Khurasan has 3 packs of canids, Raug Ceepays and since I find trying to locate anything on his site very difficult this is the page http://khurasanminiatures.tripod.com/15mmscifi.html  and page down to the 15mm Soriog Empire.

    Oh and I’m told they are huge but I’ve never seen them to measure. They look a great deal like Darkest Stars Canids in poses, very active, but larger

    One more edit.

    On Wargames Website there is a thread about Traveller figures. One of the pictures has a Darkest Star Garrhul, a Khurasan Raug Ceepay, and a Rafm Warhound, along with a couple of Rafm felines and a Ground Zero NSL Jager. The date I saved the picture is October 23, 2018 so about then

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