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    Norm S

    Having recently maxed out on storage, I decided to go to one scale, well two close scales actually, that importantly can use one scale of terrain, which would be my biggest space saver. My books are mainly going onto kindle and my boardgame collection has been culled.

    Just wondered what other space strapped gamers have had to do to sooth the storage monster? … downsize scales, downsize periods played, stop buying! etc


    I only have one scale/size 15 mm.


    I’m still trying to work this one out but I mainly deal with it by maintaining a healthy state of denial. As long as I don’t look in the attic and cupboards that are stuffed with unused gaming supplies, I can pretend they don’t exist. More seriously, I am considering clearing out all my 28mm figures and terrain, moving to solely 15mm for skirmish and sticking with 6mm for big battles. That would clear out a fair chunk of space. Reducing the overall number of different projects would be a positive move too. Greater focus might also mean getting to grips with rules sets and playing them more than once. Also, I have stopped buying figures because I was not painting them. This has seriously helped stop additional storage problems.

    One area that I am keen to pursue is using an old TV as a gaming surface. If I can get a large enough TV (I’m thinking 2′ width by 2’+ length) at a price I can afford, then I can make a digital games table and display the base terrain on it, instead of using all the terrain tiles I currently own. I think I worked out that a 52″ TV would be enough for this. That will make for a huge space saving, and an even bigger one if I can persuade myself to play solely on 2D digital terrain.

    On the books front, I have a lack of shelves problem, not a too many books problem.

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    I’m continuously struggling to make space for storage. I’ve reduced the number of periods/miniatures, junked seldom used terrain, gotten rid of a thousand or so books, and only take up three quarters of the basement, one room upstairs and part of the garage now.

    Still, I have a Lot of terrain to make, so my current plan is to buy a winning lottery ticket, then buy Texas, and build a lot of shelves.

    i’ll be sure to let you guys know how that plan progresses.

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    Buy  a bigger house …

    (Not entirely facetious,  I make sure there is at least an adequate shed for storage, if not a proper hobby room when buying, as I’m about to do again in the next few months).

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    I’m happy enough to own a house with two spare rooms. I thought that one of them would be enough to store everything.

    Then the first one was filled with lots of things. Then I had to move some other stuff in the second spare room (only for a short time!)… then… I now have two rooms totally full of re-enactment items, storage of cloth, miniature terrain boards and all sorts of things… HELP! Aaargh.



    I have gone down to 6mm. But my garage is still largely empty so I am okay for now.


    I’m considering going inflatable:



    Perhaps this model for you Ochoin?


    ET, I so want one of those outside my house.




    Mostly, I play 3mm, with a sideline in 15mm. Nevertheless, storage of gaming stuff takes up an entire shelving unit and a chest of drawers. No wonder 28mm players have entire garages dedicated to the hobby.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    Everything is in 15mm, but there is a lot of it and I built a whole Indian city for the Mutiny so space is tight.  I’m going to convert the attic, no doubt at ruinous expense.



    I have attacked this over the last few years by aggressively culling figures and periods I have not used in years and downscaling most of my gaming to 3mm, 6mm, and 10mm (Except for my Pulp stuff)

    The biggest issue I found with the larger scales was storing the terrain, not the figures.  For example, I had a 20mm WW1 project, sold it, and downsized to 10mm.  The figures all fit in roughly the same storage footprint, but the terrain in practice is at least 25% in 10mm what it was in 20mm.

    Having followed you for a while, I know you are on the small scale train, so the only other option is to aggressively shed periods or projects you don’t use.  I found by doing that and focusing on fewer periods I am getting more gaming in, even if a lot of it is solo! I have a set of cabinets and am trying to keep everything in and if I start to overflow, then start culling.

    A third option is to get attractive storage, I found these type of “book boxes” at Home Goods on sale, and am able to store frequently used terrain, dice, and markers out in the open without being an eyesore.

    Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Homeneeds-Vintage-Wooden-Book-Storage/dp/B072LPHFNL/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1518364036&sr=8-4&keywords=book+box&dpID=314X8YTixwL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch


    Good luck, it is a constant problem, especially if you have far-ranging interests in history.





    A third option is to get attractive storage, I found these type of “book boxes” at Home Goods on sale, and am able to store frequently used terrain, dice, and markers out in the open without being an eyesore.


    I love those book boxes. I may need to see if I can get some here. I’m using video cassette boxes for my 20th-century stuff. They fit on the shelf neatly and can have information sheets slotted into the cover, but they are not as pretty.

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    Never argue with an idiot. They'll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.



    I try to be disciplined and only sell stuff if I have to. I’ve thinned out my books to free up shelf space, and I’ve optimised the internal space in my box files by building internal shelves. Less frequently used stuff goes in under bed storage. I still manage to have WW1 and WW2 in three scales, but in recent years I appear to be standardising on 15mm with a trickle of 6mm.

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    Phil Dutré

    Think in terms of “upgrading” your collection instead of “adding” to your collection.

    E.g. for terrain, I have done away with all terrain pieces of sub-standard quality, of which I’m pretty sure they will never see the table again. I have one terrain system (Kallistra), and terrain pieces for that system. I did away with most other terrain tiles or stuff for only a very limited range of games.

    I have not made the move to smaller figures – rather the contrary. Decreasing eyesight pushes me towards the larger figures when buying new ranges, and I expect that I will not buy 6mm in the future anymore …

    I regularly cull my collection of boardgames and books. Boardgames tend to take up a lot of space, and anything I haven’t played for the past 10 years or so has been sold off. Except for some emotional-value games, but I guess everyone has a few of these in their collection. And if you really want to take a look at some long lost treasures, you can always browse through some images on boardgamegeek … there simply is no point in keeping all the games you ever bought.

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    Shaun Travers

    I find space 🙂  I have stuff spread out and “hidden” so it does not look too bad. I have two low set set of drawers for 15mm and 20mm that still have room to grow.  I have a set of map drawers with lots of stuff in them.  I have a wardrobe that I added shelves to for boardgames.  But I am moving to a new house this year and put all my scattered 20mm terrain together in one place.  It takes up a lot more room than I thought!  We will still have enough storage space for it but I was surprised how many boxes it took up.  I have not hit a limit but don’t think would be able to buy too much more 20mm terrain.


    Storage and space is a big problem of me at the moment. Ive reduced the amount of 6mm stuff I have and managed to commandeer a bit of space in a room for a hobby area back along.

    To maximise the area I decided to build! I then went out and got some flat pack kitchen units, modified them slightly and cut a lengh of worktop to form a desk.

    Painted it all in……..and Hey presto!

    Plenty of storage for all my bits. I’m also able to have it all neatly at hand. So I don’t have to hunt around in this box for that or this cupboard for that. Still need to sort out my paints and a few other bits. Still have a bit of space for maybe a 1000mm wall unit under the desk. I might also build a shelf between the wall units and the desk area.


    The best thing to do is constantly upgrade and purge.  Smaller scales really help, although I miss the detail in a 28mm figure.  Stick to one scale as well.  I got rid of all my 28mm Star Wars after I decided to go with 15mm.  It was really hard.

    My father was an incredible hoarder, to the point I’m not sure he really knew what he had.  When he passed away suddenly I had to get rid of everything.  The one thing I noticed was that he had so many multiples of the same thing.  If you don’t use it, get rid of it..

    I found these cool storage bins with a shallow tray that sits in the top.  I can put the bigger pieces on the bottom, and some of the smaller stuff in the top.


    I have been cutting back for the past couple years.  Concentrate on a couple of periods in a single scale.  That is American Rev War, War of 1812 and Crimean War 1854 all in 25mm.  terrain is similar for two periods so very economical.  Recently started a very small mid eighteenth century army but that will stay small.  Sold off unfinished projects in various scales.

    For storage discovered really useful boxes and using them for troops and terrain.


    Love my books, but getting rid of many.  Switching to books on kindle but saving a few.


    BTW an obvious tip is to make your terrain to a size that fits in your storage boxes.

    ……..I wish I’d found this out several years ago as I’ve made several gigantic hills etc that are just too big to easily store anywhere.



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