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    Avatar photoAltius

    I’m curious how other players like to represent limbers when your artillery is moving. Do you prefer to have a complete limber on a long stand? Is it acceptable to simply have an abbreviated version with a single pair of horses pulling a caisson?

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    Avatar photoMike

    I used a full on herd of horses and associated ammo wagons and supply carts, but then that was 6mm.

    Avatar photogrizzlymc

    Yup, I use the full monty, but that is 6mm.  A 28mm 6 horse limber, irrespective of whether 28mm is 1/48 or 1/65 is going to take up a lot of real estate.


    If you want to use a 2 horse team, just do it.  If someone doesn’t like it offer to use his limbers instead.

    Avatar photoAltius

    I think the full limbers look great in 6mm. I’m doing them in 28mm and that makes a big footprint

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    Avatar photorepiqueone

    All my 28mm. WSS field gun limbers are one or two horse limbers.  This is done primarily for reasons of footprint.  Light guns have a single horse, heavy have a two horse or oxen team.  They do provide a clear designation of the artillery’s status as to being limbered or unlimbered.  I have wagons of the train with two horse teams.

    I do have a General’s Carriage, and siege artillery train with four horse teams, but they are unique.  If I played in a period with horse artillery, I might use a four horse team as a designator.

    One thing I really try to do is provide a real sense of harnessing, reins, leads, and light chain linkage, so there is a visible connection between the horses and the wheeled vehicles. It really adds a lot to the appearance

    Avatar photoSparker

    I would like to represent limbers by a separate one piece model of 4 limber horses, limber, gun and riders/drivers, and, if a horse battery, accompanying mounted horseartillerymen. That’s what I’d like to do… And I am beginning to get there with my horse batteries, but most times its just a case of representing the battery in limber by reversing the stand!

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    Avatar photoPiyan Glupak

    Interestingly enough, I started out by using 60mm wide by 30mm deep bases for my artillery, with 4 guns and their crew per base.  I found that it was quite difficult not to be tempted to manoeuvre infantry and cavalry units immediately behind them, which I felt was not realistic.  I re-based my artillery on 60mm wide by 80mm deep bases, with limbers, horses and other stuff to take up the extra space behind the guns.

    Although I like it when all the bases are the same size, I do believe that this was an improvement.

    Avatar photoCameronian

    Practicality has to come into it, to fully represent all the limbers, caissons, fotges, etc. used by a single battery would likely fill the table.  I only use one limber per battery and don’t bother with caissons for the artillery or the infantry (pretty safe to assume that your troops did in fact bring ammunition with them).  I think it was the old ‘Charge!’ rules which said that only one limber per side was used on the table which represented the entire train.

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    Avatar photoCerdic

    In 6mm I like to have full limberage. In 28mm…..I also like to have full limberage but can’t necessarily fit everything on the table!

    Avatar photoPiyan Glupak

    Just to clarify, my armies with the artillery with 4 guns, plus crew, plus limbers and horses on 60mm wide by 80mm deep bases are in 6mm, not 28mm.

    Avatar photoPatrice

    However, many large footprints can give an interesting taste to skirmish games.


    Avatar photoAlan Millicheap

    I do the bare minimum to avoid painting – limber and 2 horses plus in 10mm I usually add the gun.

    I also try to reuse the limbers so my FPW French limbers also make an appearance in my RJW Japanese army


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