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    Play the same ‘thing’ for?

    Do you do the same period/genre but swap rules every now and then to spice it up?
    (Maybe some new rules have come out?)

    Or do you have set figures for set rules and they are an item?

    I tend to play the same rules until I get bored and then find a new genre/period rather than keep the same figures but find some new rules to go with them.
    To avoid getting bored of the same thing, I will often introduce new factions/areas to game in.

    So for my current fantasy I am introducing a new geographical area to expand into, for WW2 you could move from Europe to Africa etc?

    Tony Hughes

    My group has been wargaming for so long that we have stuff from a huge range of periods so switching between them is a regular thing . We do often stick with the same rules for a period for a while but not always. I’m working on 4 rule sets at the moment, about average for me.



    for WW2 you could move from Europe to Africa etc?

    Depending upon what ‘level’ you play at, and what rules you use, this could be both time consuming and expensive.  For example, I probably own well over a thousand pounds worth (and then some) of 20mm WWII German figures and vehicles with which I can fight any European campaign from 1940 to 1945.  But I don’t own a single thing that could be used in North Africa bar the very early days when things were still field grey and panzer grey.  So deciding to do the desert for a change is not something I’m about to do in this lifetime!  Yes, I could move to do skirmish gaming, and that transition to North Africa would be cheaper, but I’m a ‘big battles’ player, and I would want to have a large number of battalions and regiments available in order to play that theatre.

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    Steve Johnson

    I’ll play say 4 – 6 games set in the 18thC, probably part of a campaign. When that comes to its natural conclusion, I’ll move onto something very different, so say WWII. For each period, I don’t mind playing the same theatre and sides, but change the scenarios etc to keep things fresh.


    I seem to play for maybe a month or two, depending on genre, before something about the rules bug me enough to rethink the game.

    Tired is enough.


    I spent a few years being single-mindedly fixated on one game, and then did the same thing with a completely different game, but that pattern ended quite a long time ago. I didn’t like the state of mind it put me in. Mounting frustration with diminishing returns, and all that. So, now I don’t really “lock on” to any one thing for any period of time. I like to have numerous things going in parallel, the more diverse the better. There are more highs to chase this way, and by cultivating many different fields (excuse the clumsy metaphor), I don’t end up overtaxing any one of them.

    In more concrete terms of miniatures and rules, I like the idea of using the same miniatures with many different rulesets (new and old), and even to do that in a comparative way when possible. I don’t really view anything as going “obsolete”. Just “vintage” 🙂

    A Lot of GaulA Lot of Gaul

    I have played the same period (Ancients) for 40+ years, trying out 30+ different rule sets in the process.

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