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    Avatar photoRhoderic

    About a year ago I made a list of all the wargame miniature manufacturers that I can recall having bought from. It turned out to be an even 100, far more than I had expected. With new purchases since then, I’m at 103, and there’s probably a couple more that I can’t recall. This is still excluding manufacturers of other hobby products (terrain, paints, modelling materials, tools, gaming aids, rulesets, magazines, reference books, modelling/painting books, etc) I’ve bought from, as well as manufacturers whose miniatures I own though I haven’t bought from them directly (meaning I got the miniatures second-hand or through a third-party retailer or distributor). Also, if it needs saying, I’ve bought from many of the manufacturers on the list more than once, so I would guesstimate the total number of purchase occasions comes to around 200. This is over approximately 18 years in this hobby, the first five of which I was exclusively buying GW products.

    Am I normal?

    That is to say, how many manufacturers would you estimate you’ve bought from?

    Avatar photoMike

    Hmmmmm this requires a think..

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    …Aaand shorty after posting I’ve realised that my question is rather coloured by the fact that I live in a part of the world where FLGSs that sell anything other than GW and PP product are as rare as hens’ teeth. The great majority of miniature purchases I’ve made have been internet orders straight from the manufacturer, and that’s the natural way of purchasing for me, but this might not reflect the reality of other hobbyists in places like the UK.

    Feel free to answer my question as if I’d asked “How many manufacturers’ miniatures have you bought?” instead, regardless of where you bought them from. In that case, I guess my list might come up to around 110.

    Avatar photoVictoria Dickson

    I probably have a dozen or so I’ve kept going back to over the years, maybe add another 30 I’ve bought from once or twice if they do a range that catches my imagination.  The main ones I buy from go back to before I had internet and I was ordering based on adverts in wargame magazines and sending away for their catalogues.  I mostly order from UK companies, though there are a few US companies I’ve bought from (I would have bought from them more often if it wasn’t for getting hit with custom fees a couple of times).

    Total number of orders I’ve ever made is too scary to consider, as is the amount of money I’ve spent over the last 30+ years. 

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Hmm, quick back of a fag packet calculation (I had time to think as I had to go and buy the fags because I don’t smoke) – 33.

    If I really sat and dredged my memory I am sure there are more – the vast majority also bought ‘at a distance’ (in pre-internet days I would think). I used to use show trips as scouting expeditions . I would maybe buy a small unit’s worth of figures max. to paint up and see what they looked like, and then followed up with mail order if I liked them.

    These days nearly all online.



    I would be at around 15 I think and of those I have purchased the most from 15mm.co.uk\Ion Age\AA.

    Avatar photoNoel

    Over the last thirty years, I don’t think I will be able to cover them all.

    Avatar photoPaul

    Hmm, an interesting question. Lets see.

    1 – Wargames Foundry
    2 – Games Workshop
    3 – The Assault Group
    4 – Eureka Miniatures
    5 – Gripping Beast
    6 – Matakishis Tea House
    7 – Wargames Supply Dump
    8 – EM4
    9 – CP Models
    10 – Black Hat Miniatures
    11 – 15mm.co.uk
    12 – Rebel Miniatures
    13 – Blue Moon Manufacturing
    14 – QRF
    15 – CP Models
    16 – Studio Miniatures
    17 – Zombiesmith
    18 – West Wind
    19 – Mantic
    20 – Perry Miniatures
    21 – Brittania Miniatures
    22 – Grekwood Miniatures
    23 – Wizards of the Coast (pre-painted)
    24 – Fantasy Flight Games (X-Wing)
    25 – West End Games (Star Wars, bought many, many years ago)
    26 – The Ion Age
    27 – Italeri
    28 – Zvezda

    That’s everything I can think of right now, although I am sure I am missing a few out.

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    Avatar photoMartinR

    I’d be surprised if it was many more than thirty. I’ll have to have a think.

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    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    Having slept on it a few more popped up –

    1. Angel Barracks
    2. Baccus
    3. Heroics & Ros
    4. Navwar
    5. Skytrex
    6. Leicester Micro Models
    7. Pendraken
    8. Bello
    9. Newline Designs
    10. Chariot
    11. Wargames South
    12. QRF
    13. Museum
    14. Jacobite
    15. Peter Laing
    16. Freikorps
    17. Flames of War
    18. Mike’s Models
    19. Gallia
    20. Forged in Battle
    21. Plastic Soldier Company
    22. Zvezda
    23. Lancashire Games
    24. Irregular
    25. Hinchliffe
    26. Minifigs
    27. Castile
    28. Perry
    29. Connoisseur
    30. Front Rank
    31. Essex
    32. Redoubt
    33. Lamming
    34. Alternative Armies
    35. Northstar
    36. Gripping Beast
    37. Wargames Foundry
    38. Dixon
    39. Airfix
    40. Eagle Miniatures

    Some no longer exist, and some I know have amalgamated into one company – I’ve listed them separately because they were independent producers when I bought them first.

    Starting in 1972 that’s less than one manufacturer a year – what have I been doing?

    Avatar photoMike

    So these are just figures as in people types, that I can think of , no terrain or accessories etc, could be a few more but I suspect not that many more..

    1 Dark Realm
    2 Brigade Models
    3 Plasma Blast
    4 GZG
    5 Adler
    6 Baccus
    7 H&R
    8 CinC
    9 Irregular Miniatures
    10 Ral Partha
    11 Grenadier
    12 RAFM
    13 Grendel
    14 Copplestone Castings
    15 Alternative Armies / Ion Age / 15mm.co.uk
    16 Clear Horizon
    17 GW/Citadel

    Avatar photoMartinR

    Hmm, I was wrong. 40. Like Guy, that works out at less than one manufacturer per year.

    I have a LOT of Airfix, H&R, Irregular, Peter Pig, HaT and PSC, and really very little of some others (precisely five figures from Newline for example).

    D*mn, I forgot MJ Figures.




    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    That’s what I kept doing Martin.

    Just as I finished scribbling, another one would pop into my head.

    And I’ve decided that that’s it – enough thinking – my official total is 40.




    Avatar photoirishserb

    Well, the current number is 74, but yesterday, I was sure it was 62, and then 65.  I didn’t include plastic kit manufacturers that don’t or didn’t target military gaming.  Still, after 40 years, I would have thought it would be some what higher.

    Avatar photowillz

    You heretics only two of you bought from Airfix.

    Lots of different manufacturers, some of the above.

    Avatar photogreg954

    For me somewhere between 15 and 20 I suppose. If you include paints, assessories, scenery etc…then probably more like 25.

    Avatar photoAutodidact-O-Saurus

    I knew there was a reason I inventoried all my hobby stuff! (Actually, it was because I was putting everything into storage a few years ago and wanted to know exactly which box things were in.) This is stuff that has been accumulated since the late 1970s. Comes out to 80 manufacturers but that includes 22 rules publishers. And a distinct lack of modern companies.

    Active Service Press
    Alternative Armies
    Armies in Plastic
    Battlegroup 1988
    Battles for Empire Pub, 1990
    Black Cat
    Black Tree Design
    Brian Stokes, 1987
    Call to Arms
    Classic Toy Soldier Co
    Clive Knight
    der Kriegspieler/Heritage
    Dodo Publications 1987
    Emperor’s Press 1992
    Epoxy Home Cast
    FGU 1978
    Front Rank
    George Duden 1993
    Greenfield Hobby
    H.G. Walls 1997
    Hall/Needham 1988
    Judges Guild 1981
    Metagaming 1980
    Nova Game Design
    Old Glory
    Perfect Captain 2003
    Peter Berry 1991
    Peter Pig
    Phoenix (?)
    Pioneer Simulations 1985
    Prince August
    Quindia Studios
    Ral Partha
    Red Eagle
    Special Hobby
    Steve Barber
    T. Kelly 1992
    The Jogglers 1993
    Tin Soldier
    TSR 1975
    Wargames Factory
    World Wide Wargames, 1980

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    Avatar photoNorm S

    I have not done a list because I  don’t  think I could be accurate or complete. However I have always felt that any one time, I support a fairly narrow range of producers, but that’s not particularly true or accurate either – for 2017 to date I have made 13 figure producers happy.

    Avatar photoGaz045

    As a quick ballpark figure, using the pretty exhaustive manufacturers lists above (!), I seem to easily top 50, quite surprising really……..until I glance out the window to the bulging at the seams portacabin gaming shed!!

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    Avatar photoNot Connard Sage

    In 48 years? I need to have a think.


    Be back in a week…



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    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    I feel your, not exactly pain, more a slight confusion and dull ache in the temples.

    After c15 permanent(?) address changes, several periods out of the country, two burglaries,  a storage warehouse fire and two marriages (not concurrent) I am not sure who I bought all the figures from (nor even what figures exactly are in all the boxes in the attic, never mind who manufactured them all!)

    Did I mention a couple of serious concussions (great game rugby – recommend it to anyone) and falling off a motorbike- twice? I’m lucky I can remember who I am.


    Over my lifetime…and this is not an exhaustive list.



    Gripping Beast





    Splintered Light

    Rebel Minis


    Black Tree Designs

    Newline Designs





    Early War  Miniatures



    Freikorps 15




    Old Glory 15/25


    I am certain there are others. 😉


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    Avatar photoGuy Farrish


    (Maybe more than 2 concussions?)


    Avatar photoPaul

    Oh I see I mentioned CP Models twice. I was thinking on the way home from work and came up with the following which I left out (note I am numbering from 28 because of duplicating CP Models):

    28 – HaT
    29 – Airfix
    30 – Khurasan
    31 – Highlander Miniatures

    I’m sure there are more, but I couldnt be bothered to go and check (its too bloody hot here right now to do anything).

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    Avatar photoRadar

    Miniatures from: Naismith, Heritage, Minifigs, Essex, Peter Pig, Donnington, Magister Militum, Freikorps 15.

    Buildings from: Hovels, Total Battle Miniatures.

    Bases: East Riding Miniatures, Warbases.

    Paints from: Foundry & Black Hat.

    Avatar photoMike Headden

    Totting up figure manufacturing companies I’d dealt with in person or through intermediaries over my 54 years of gaming I got to a total of 132 then stopped before I felt compelled to retire to the library with a glass of fine scotch, a pistol and one bullet as the only way to put an end to this obsession! 😀

    To be fair the list includes the German “flats” manufacturer I bought my first lead figures from (a week before discovering a local shop selling Minifigs and abandoning flats forever!) and who’s name I have long since forgotten. It also includes both the US and European versions of some companies where I have bought from both (is that cheating?).

    I’m beginning to wonder if it might be a shorter list if I just included those I HAVEN’T bought from. 😀


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    Avatar photoThuseld

    Let us have a look: When I was a kid it was the following:

    Airfix, Matchbox, Revell, ESCI, Italeri, Skytrex, Fujimi, Hasegawa.

    Since 2012:

    PSC, Armorfast, Zvezda, Reaper Bones, Games Workshop, Perry Miniatures, AB, Britania, GZG, Brigade Models, Angel Barracks, CinC, Likto, EM4, Heroics and Ros.

    I hope to soon make orders from Baccus, possibly Sayiner Micro Toys, Khurasan Miniatures.

    Avatar photoSilent Invader

    That was an interesting 10 minutes of thinking (no doubt to be followed by many hours of self-recrimination for my failure to stay focussed ….).

    Just over 30 (for human minis only) is my score, though many of these were for purchases of only a few minis. Perry has garnered most of my ‘traffic’, across a variety of projects.

    In the last few years my purchases have been restricted to plastics, mostly Perry sprues, supplemented by Victrix and Warlord.

    Much of the ‘so far unused’ lead should really be moved on but I suspect that I’m not alone in that ! Lol

    NB: some duplications for scale

    1. Airfix HO/OO (1970s)
    2. Citadel(?) 25mm (1980s)
    3. Peter Pig 15mm (1980s)
    4. Bolt Action Minis 28mm ‘old metals’ (2000s)
    5. Artizan Designs 28mm (2000s)
    6. Perry 28mm (2000s/2010s)
    7. Conquest Minis 28mm (2000s)
    8. Essex Minis 25mm (2000s/2010s)
    9. Crusader Minis 28mm (2000s)
    10. Boot Hill Minis (2000s/2010s)
    11. Ebob Minis 28mm (2000s/2010s)
    12. Heresy 28mm (2000s)
    13. Infinity 28mm (2000s)
    14. Hasslefree 28mm (2000s/2010s)
    15. Wargames Factory 28mm (2000s)
    16. Games Workshop 28mm (2000s/2010s)
    17. Conquest Games 28mm (2010s)
    18. The Assault Group 28mm (2000s/2010s)
    19. Steel Fist Minis (2010s)
    20. Pro Gloria Minis (2010s)
    21. MiniatureMojo 28mm (2010s)
    22. Pendraken 15mm (2010s)
    23. CP Models 15mm (2010s)
    24. Brigade Models 15mm (2010s)
    25. Great Escape Games 28mm (2010s)
    26. Brigade Models 28mm (2010s)
    27. Mutton Chop Minis 28mm (2010s)
    28. Unfeasibly Minis 28mm (2010s)
    29. Fife & Drum Minis 28mm (2010s)
    30. Wargames Foundry 28mm (2010s)
    31. Studio Miniatures 28mm (2010s)
    32. Warlord Games 28mm (2010s)
    33. Frostgrave Minis 28mm (2010s)
    34. Perry 8mm (2010s)
    35. Victrix Minis 28mm (2010s)

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Looks like I’ve bought from 68, off the top of my head (and only covers miniature gaming companies, not others like plastic model companies like Hobbyboss or Tamiya or Testors, etc), since 1984.  Amazing how many have folded or sold their ranges, and how many new ones have popped up.

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    Avatar photoA Lot of Gaul

    During the past 40 years, I can recall purchasing miniatures from the following manufacturers:

    1. DragonTooth (25mm)
    2. RAFM (25mm)
    3. Ral Partha (25mm)
    4. Essex (15mm)
    5. Freikorps (15mm)
    6. Testudo (15/18mm)
    7. Xyston (15/18mm)
    8. Blue Moon (15/18mm)

    I have thinned my lead pile as I have gone along, so currently I have figures only from Blue Moon and Xyston.

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    Avatar photoCerdic
    Avatar photoMike Harrop

    These and probably more in the last 10 years, beyond that I’m not sure.


    Adler Miniatures
    Angel Barracks
    Antenocitis Workshop
    Baccus Miniatures
    Black Cat Bases
    Black Tree Design
    Britannia Miniatures
    Copplestone Casting
    CP Miniatures
    Crooked Dice Miniatures
    Elheim Miniatures
    Fenris Games
    Fighting 15s
    Four A Miniatures
    Frontline Wargaming
    Hasslefree Miniatures
    Heroics and Ros
    Heresy Miniatures
    Midlam Miniatures
    Oathsworn Miniatures
    Otherworld Miniatures
    Old Glory
    Offensive Miniatures
    Perry Miniatures
    Plastic Soldier Co
    Ral Partha
    Rebel Miniatures
    Scotia Grendel
    Sgts Mess
    Shellhole Scenics
    SHQ Miniatures
    Splintered Light Miniatures
    Studio Miniatures
    Wargames Foundry
    Warlord Games
    Westwind Productions
    Irregular Miniatures
    Northstar Military Figures
    Ainsty Castings
    Crossover Miniatures
    Vanguard Miniatures
    Nexus Miniatures
    Killer B Games
    Gripping Beast
    Mountain Miniatures
    Beast in the Broch



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    Avatar photodurecellrabbit

    I got 19 but I might have missed a few. The number has greatly increased in the few years since the games I play expanded from just those made by GW.

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Dang, my list would be an awful lot shorter than some of you guys 🙂

    Avatar photoMike

    A couple more since I did my list, which strikes me as a small increase in 6 months or so?

    Avatar photoTerrainShed


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