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    I was wondering if it is more common amongst WW2 gamers to have 1 or 2 armies, or have multiple armies in their collections?  What’s your impression?


    Steve Johnson

    Well I have (not all painted or based)

    • Polish
    • Norwegian
    • Belgian
    • French
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • German Heer & Fallschirmjager
    • British & Paratoopers
    • US Infantry & Airborne

    I think that’s it…



    USA Marines.

    Tony S

    6mm German, British/Canadians

    15mm German Heer, Fallschirmjager, Russian, British paras, French

    All painted.

    Shaun Travers

    I have a number of armies, mainly as the people I used to play with had one or none.  I have 20mm  German (early and late), European British, British Paras, European US, Russian (winter and summer).  But for my first 20 years or so of gaming I just had Germans, British and Russians, so 3.

    Actually, thinking about it, I have much the same in 6mm!

    Last year I acquired some 20mm Desert Australians and Italians so the number has gone up now.

    Olaf Meys

    Hmmm. I only do 28mm, but here’s my list:

    Heer, Gebirgs, Hermann Goering, SS Gebirgs, Luftwaffe Field Division, Volksgrenadier. FJ (waiting to be assembled & painted).

    Mid War Soviet. Late War Soviet.




    Italian (waiting to be assembled & painted).


    12 so far, each consisting of a mix of infantry, artillery and some vehicles.

    wargames review site...

    Mike Headden

    Germans in 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm

    Russians in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm

    UK & Commonwealth in 3mm and 6mm

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    Tony Hughes

    1940 British, French & German all in 3mm. Still need to have the bases textured and a few units missing bits but nearly there.



    Rod Robertson

    15 mm Early War (1939-mid 1941) – German Heer (Coy.), German Fallschrimjäger (Coy), German Kradschutzen (1 Ptn Motorcycle and one Ptn truck), French Infantry (Coy), French Motorised Infantry (2 Ptns), British Infantry (Coy), British Motorcycle (1 Ptn), British Motorised Infantry (1 Ptn). Plus lots of tanks, guns, trucks, armoured cars, some halftracks (German and French) and Loraine Carriers plus towed trailers.

    15 mm Mid War (mid 1941 – end of 1943) Soviet Infantry (2 Coy – one w. great coats), Soviet Regular Cavalry (52 Troopers), German Heer Infantry (2 Coys. one w. great coats), Italian Infantry (1 Coy for the Eastern Front), British/Canadian Infantry (1 Coy) plus lots of tanks, armoured cars, guns, trucks, tractors, halftracks, etc.

    15mm Late War (1944-1945) German Heer infantry (1 Coy), German SS (2 Ptns.), German Fallschrimjäger (2 Ptns.) Canadian Infantry (1 Coy + 1 Trp Recce Infantry with 21 Carriers), British Infantry (1 Coy. Plus 1 Ptn in Great Coats). Soviet Infantry (1 Coy), Soviet SMG (1 Coy), Soviet Motorised Scouts (1 Ptn.), Soviet Regular Cavalry (60 Troopers), plus lots of vehicles and guns.

    it is clear that I have a problem.

    My opinion – More! British/German/Italian North Africa or Japanese and Early/Mid/Late War American Infantry and Marines might be next.

    The problem grows.

    Cheers and good gaming from debtor’s prison.

    Rod Roberzson.


    Depends what you mean by an Army, but I’ll have a go. Bear in mind some of stuff dates back to the early 1970s.


    Desert Germans, British and Italians. Early war and late war Germans. NWE US and British. Russians for the entire GPW. Rumanians who stand in as French on occasion. Six or seven box fulls (with tray inserts), plus planes.


    Early war and late war Germans incl Paras, cavalry, panzergrenadiers, blokes on bikes etc. Early and late war British, incl Paras. US Infantry and armor. Russians for the entire GPW incl cavalry. Generic “European” infantry who stand in for Italians, Rumanians, Dutch, French or whatever. Plus a few boxes of aircraft. A dozen boxes of figures and vehicles?

    20mm (these are mainly based for Megablitz)

    Mediterranean and European theatre British and Germans. Mix of infantry, armoured units and Paras. Approx eight divisions plus Corps assets. Plus a couple of boxes of individually based British, US and German infantry for skirmish games.  Ten boxes.


    Germans, British Paras and Commandos (Airfix!) plus a few vehicles. Also for skirmish games. A couple of boxes.

    The oldest figures in each range are some original HR infantry and some Skytrex vehicles in 6mm, original Airfix German infantry (1st set) and US Marines in 20mm.



    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke


    Not enough…


    6mm UK and Commonwealth, Italians and Germans for the Western Desert.

    15mm Norwegians, French and UK for skirmish games in the Norwegian campaign.

    I need to get some Germans for the Norwegian campaign. A friend was collecting them but we now live in different countries. I should have learnt my lesson ages ago that I move too often and should have at least one army ready for each side at all times so that I can always play a game regardless of opponents. I’m half tempted to just substitute some sci-fi figures I already have in place of the Germans. It would save on painting and increasing the size of the lead mountain.

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    Sane Max

    I have

    Early War French
    Early War German
    Late War German
    Early War Russian
    Late War Russian
    Desert War British

    all in 15mm, and in 20mm I have
    Late War Russian.

    Interesting – almost all my mates also have at least 2 or more WW2 armies.


    21 different armies in two scales for 6 nations.


    I have in 20mm:

    British, German, Soviet, Japanese, US. About a platoon worth of each. Mostly a single box of figures that I painted up. The Japanese are the old Airfix figures.

    In 6mm:

    US, German, Soviet. More vehicles than in 20mm, more figures just about. I fully intend to end up with British NWE, 8th Army, Paras, DAK, Japanese, US Marines, Winter Soviets, French 1940, British 1940, German 1940. It will take some time to finish though. I want everything.

    Just Jack


    The correct answer is, “as many as possible” 😉
    Of course, there is no correct answer, everyone should do what suits them, but to answer your question, I think (anecdotally) most WWII gamers have multiple armies/forces.

    And since the trend was begun, I’ll catalog mine as well:

    American: US Army (desert, temperate, winter, and urban -not completed-)
    -US Paratroopers (desert, temperate, and urban)
    -US Marines (tropical)

    British/Commonwealth: Army (desert, temperate, and urban -not completed-)
    -Paras (temperate, urban, and desert -not completed-)
    -Commandos (temperate and desert -neither completed-)
    -Australian (tropical and desert -not completed-)
    -Indian Army (desert – not completed-)

    Soviet: Army (temperate, winter, and urban)
    -Naval Infantry (temperate -not completed-)

    French: Army (temperate and desert -neither completed-)

    Italian: Army (desert)
    -Bersaglieri (desert -not completed-)

    Japanese: Army (tropical)

    German: Army (temperate, desert, winter, and urban)
    -FJ (temperate, desert, winter -not completed-, and urban -not completed-)
    -SS (temperate and urban -neither completed)

    I’ve also got 10mm Soviets, Germans, and British, and 6mm US, British, and Germans, as well as aircraft and ships of several nations.  It’s a sickness…



    I’m not a WW2 land guy (sold my FOW 15mm US) but in WW2 navies I have…

    • US
    • UK
    • IJN
    • MN (French)
    • Kriegsmarine
    • Italian
    • Soviet
    • Brasilian
    • Argentinian
    • Chilean

    The first 6 in both 1/4800 and 1/6000. The Soviets and South Americans in 1/6000 only.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    6mm France 1940 French, British, Belgian & German all painted

    Dutch is a bit of a WIP still

    Enjoy your gardening

    Les & Alison


    Tends to multiple armies from this small sample then…



    Both sides plus planes and ships…more than 10 less than I want.


    All of the above.

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    Tactical Painter

    It’s easy to do. Once you have a late war German force then you have one side for battles in most European theatres covered. So you start fighting them with the British and do Normandy. Then you think it would be nice to have some Americans for variety. Then you think it wouldn’t be much to add some Russians and do Eastern Front, I mean it won’t need much than a few T34s, then before you know it….it’s out of control.

    The Tactical Painter - painting miniature armies for battles on the table top.


    In 20mm and pretty small forces for mainly infantry combats:

    all roughly 1944

    German Wehrmacht

    Soviets (they might be Russian…they might be any one of the myriad others)

    Polish AK

    Polish paratroopers (in my games they go to Warsaw not Arnhem)

    Polish Normandy

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