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    People who see my 2mm figures from Irregular often ask how I can paint something that’s smaller than a grain of rice. That is, how did I paint these guys:

    It’s not as hard as you might think. I’ve provided some instructions here:

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    ian pillay

    These are great. My 3mm ACW project has stalled some what mainly due to not liking what I have done. I am going to take inspiration from these guys. What colours did you use?



    Very nice, that is almost exactly how I paint mine.

    One thing I find which helps before doing the flags, bayonets and other highlights is a dark brown inkwash. The Irregular 2mm stuff seems to really take ink well and it makes the details pop even more.





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    I agree – a good ‘primer’ (pun intended….) on how to paint up the teeniest of tiny figures……. As you describe, a broad approach for the uniform colours, allied with use of flesh for faces and hands, really make the minis stand out.

    I do worry about the use of washes and inks, though, as often they can seem to ‘drown’ something this small….. have to be sparing in using them – often the dark undercoat, visible between the figures on a block, does a good enough job of appearing to give visual depth or shading…..

    the only thing I would add might be a bit of variation in headgear colours to provide ┬ámore lived-in, ragged look to the units in the ACW in particular….. A few variations of brown amongst the hats.

    Another good guide I came across recently on the web:


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