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    I plan to run the very first game with our new Napoleonic rules; ‘General D’armee’, sometime before Christmas.

    As one of my goals is to sell the rules to my gaming pals, I want everything to work well & hence, my reason for soliciting advice. The rules are fairly dense & offer a lot of scope for tactical nuance.

    If I outline my thoughts, could I have your thoughts and criticisms?

    1. Two of the other four gamers in our group are very experienced H&M (& Napoleonic) gamers: the first game will only involve them.

    2. Likely I’ll be the only one who’s read the rules (2 times + I’ve watched the ‘how to play” you Tube videos), so I’ll ref. My two pals have copies but to be fair, lead far more complex lives than I do (young families etc)

    3. A simple encounter game using only my figures & with as small forces as is practicable  (4 brigades a side). I will leave out some of the more complex aspects of the game (eg the optional Fog of War mechanism, attacking/defending BUAs etc) & allow us to concentrate on the core mechanisms.




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    When ever I introduce new rules I play out different stages with those I am playing with.

    Depending on the type of rules I go through the initiative and turn sequence, playing them through with not combat etc.

    Next I introduce movement and formations. We move troops around and change formations to see how that works.

    Next we play through missile combat with each side rolling to hit at enemy troops set up deliberately, such as troops at close and long range, troops behind cover etc.

    Finally we practice charging in and doing a bit of hand to hand.


    Each time I have done this approach to new rules we have still enjoyed the gaming session and have a clear understanding as to what we can and can’t do ready for the next time we play.

    Nathaniel Weber

    I do a combination of Ochoin and Shelldrake’s ideas. Unless the combat system is unusual, I usually don’t bother explaining combat (other than ranges) until we get to it.


    @ Shelldrake

    Interesting: run the first session as a tutorial. And food for thought.

    Undoubtedly a very effective way of learning the rules but maybe lacking in the fun of actually gaming?

    The challenge for me is that at the end of the first session, I want my pals to be on board with these rules so it would be  best if

    we could get through a game with the usual entertainment that gaming provides.




    I find it is much easier to sell a new set of rules if the players have a good time, so unless you have a sure fire brilliant scenario which will work with the rules, a good approach is to put all the players on one side and run the other yourself as a player umpire. Give them something to attack which requires a bit of thought but isn’t impossible and off you go.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

    Phil Dutré

    When we try a new ruleset, the one who has read the rules (yes, usually only one :-)) takes the role of umpire. He guides the players through the process, as the game is being played. Rules are explained on a as-needed basis. Good umpires can find this sweet spot between tedious rules explanations and a “learn-as-you-play” approach. Bad umpires insist on explaining every little stupid exception, thereby killing enjoyment, and making sure the ruleset will never be played again.

    Such a first game is of course full of tactical mistakes and weird decisions that you wouldn’t do if you would know the rules a bit better. But that’s ok, since that game is a learning experience.

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    Ivan Sorensen

    If nobody has played before, we usually go out of our way to try out different things, with the understanding its a test session, not a normal game.

    So we might launch a charge that we might not have wanted to do otherwise, that sort of thing.

    Nordic Weasel Games

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