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    So this is kinda how you’d start an F14, it’s the quick and dirty way, that doesn’t go through all the checks you’d do in real life before you take off in a 30 ton mach 2.4 capable aircraft.

    But it should work if you need to escape a enemy base with old F14.

    Also showcasing Vaicom.

    Vaicom is a program that uses Voice attack to control various aspects of DCS.  Mostly to simulate real communication.

    It comes with 1200 voice commands and macros.

    I’m using it in the video to communicate with the ground crew, ATC and my AI RIO Jester.

    I just press 1 of 3 buttons I’ve set up. And I can talk to the tower or Jester without having to deal with menus, and click around.

    So like when I’m on final i can just say request landing and the Tower clears me. Instead of hitting one button to bring up a menu then use number keys or mouse to click on it with the mouse. Which isn’t ideal when you are a few hundred feet over the ground trying to put 30 ton of aircraft on the runway.

    Or Jester who has his own menu, that you control with head movement or number keys. Now I can just use my voice. I say “start up” and Jester begins the start up procedures. He says intercom check and I just say loud and clear. He says he’s lowering the canopy and I just say check.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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