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    So I’ve gone away for IL2 for now, a very fun simulator, but DCS is a whole other ballgame. This is by far the most realistic flight simulator you can get outside of what the miliary and airline companies have.
    I bought the Spitfire, the plane alone costs $65
    Almost everyhing in the cockpit works as it should.

    This is a video of me, trying it for the very first time, earlier today.
    I’m doing a “cold start” so I have to go through the whole real start up procedure.

    1. open the main tank.
    2. push the thottle forward until a light comes one, put the throttle back.
    3. pump fuel into the engine until the light goes out.
    4. put the RPM lever all the way forward.
    5. Relase and pump the primer 5 times.
    6. flipp on magneto 1 & 2
    7. Press start and coil boost buttons togeather and move the mixture lever forward(I kept missing the buttons so this took longer than it should)
    8. Put on wheel break, and thorttle up to between 1200 and 1500 RPMs, and wait for the oil pressue and temperature to reach the ideal numbers.

    While waiting for the oil, I turned on my gunsight, and fiddled with the trim, as the merlin engine pulls the plane in one direction, so you must trim the controls to compensate or you’ll have to fight the plane as you take off(often with explody consequences)

    I then take off, fly around a little, fire of my guns and cannons, and go in for a landing, you land these old warburds in turn, you fly parallel to the airstrip and turn into a landing, the turn takes off the speed, the spitfire is light with big broad wings, even at 80MPH it dosn’t fall down. As I come over the strip I just turn the throttle all they way down, and just let the plane run out of speed and gently land on the ground in a 3 pointer. I then mostly just let the plane run out of speed by itself, but I did use the airbreaks a little at the end.

    It’s fantastic to fly the Spitfire and feels very diffrent from the spit i flew in IL2.

    Avatar photohammurabi70

    Is there a requirement to set differential braking?


    You don’t have differential breaks. Just one handle, not proper wheel breaks even. Something called airbreaks.

    To move the plan on the ground, you have to “pump the breaks” gently while turning with the tail.

    Avatar photominiaturemen

    Nice landing. Loved the way you opened the canopy to hear the guns.

    More please


    Here’s another one.

    Mostly to show flyby of those big wonderful B17s


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