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    Mark Ryan

    I picked up this Human Interface: Nakamura Tower boardgame after the Kickstarter but managed to get some of the extras. It’s a great game with excellent figures that (I think) properly captures the Cyberpunk genre of William Gibson, Bladerunner and the like.

    This from the Boardgame Geek (HI:NT Link):
    “Human Interface: Nakamura Tower (HINT) is a board game that is a unique combination of many elements known from tactical and skirmish games, RPGs and board games. The game is based on a struggle between two powerful megacorporations that takes place in the title tower…”

    I posted a battle report on my BLOG of the first game we played with painted figures.

    If you like Cyberpunk, take a look…I tried to upload images but failed…obviously, I’m not a good hacker.

    Darkest Star Games

    I love me some Cyberpunk!  Seems pretty cool that you in effect play both sides (hackers first, then the corp).  Need more games like this!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Alexander Wasberg

    Cyberpunk is indeed awesome!

    It seems like a fun game from what I can tell, do you think it could be played solo?

    Mark Ryan

    The game absolutely can be played solo. The AI is designed to be played by the game system. In our first game, and the one we are playing tomorrow, we have actually changed it so the AI is being played by a live player; but you are operating within the response protocols.

    The first few scenarios are either the Ubermensch gang or Nakamura security personnel against the AI. After those scenarios, both contingents are on the board but truly forced to operate semi cooperatively because I do not see how they can survive. Additionally, there is a cybershocK penalty if and when they do stop cooperating. The only difficulty might occur when if the factions decide to hack the other’s tactical network; and, that can be overcome quite easily by playing it the same as the AI computer warfare process.

    The second game in the series: “Human Interface: Be a Better Human” is  both a sequel and a stand alone. It claims to streamline some of the rules and also supports solo play. The sequel is due out early next year.

    Mark Ryan

    This is the Ubermensch hacker, Tomo Kosuda in a partially completed state…he needs some touch up, a bit of highlight and an acrylic base…stay tuned for the completed version, some drones, and more characters.Tomo Kosuda...almost done.

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