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    Angel Barracks

    When getting into a new genre/period/thing how long do you wait before playing?
    Do you spend lots of time getting the figures, terrain etc just right, or do you dive in to test it with the bare bones or or or?

    I am seeing quite a few people taking their time with painting and terrain building and have yet to play an actual game…


    The former for me, not that I’d say I get everything just right.



    Do you spend lots of time getting the figures, terrain etc just right,…


    I just couldn’t game with unpainted figures or symbolic terrain. A “big” game of several hundred figures might take 12-18 months to happen. Or longer.




    We generally don’t field unpainted armies, so games can take a long time to get to, but we have used unpainted terrain before now, so we are not perfect.

    ETA: In my yoof, I used hastily painted figures and anything lying around as terrain. I remember having a great game of Laserburn on the floor of our flat using all my course text books as high-rise buildings. I think I need to relearn this joy in just playing the game, because actually playing might encourage me to paint faster.

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    I take my time to get into a new period, I’ve been working on getting everything together for The Pikeman’s Lament for the past 4 months. I hope to play my first game this Sunday.

    So yes I take time to buy, paint( or have someone paint them for me) figures. Base and flock them. I love the look of the game.

    I’m still working on getting everything together for The Legend of Crom’s Anvil and Trench Hammer.

    Oh no….


    Wouldn’t dream of doing it, or let anyone field such in a game. That’s the start of a downward and degenerate spiral!

    There’s bound to be some time lag for the gathering of the forces. But its definitely worth the wait.

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    I take so much time studying and preparing for a new period that I never really PLAY before my hummingbird brain has flitted off to a new topic, new era.

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    In my ignorant youth I would put every unpainted soldier I owned onto the game desk. These days I won’t have unpainted figures.

    I will use mediocre terrain though. I rushed a bunch out just to get to table faster, and have been slowly expanding my options for games. I have an okay urban area, I have so okay jungle and wooded area terrain. Still need more but it will do right now.


    We’re in the process of gearing up to play the France 1940 era.  I have a very large German force suitable for 1941 onwards, so a grey army and a yellow army!  We have Soviets from 1941 onwards and Western Allies from 1944.  Consequently we need every British (not doing French yet) tank type and other forms of transport bar the Universal Carrier.  1944 British infantry will have to do for 1940 for now, and a Panzer II is a Panzer II, so I’m not getting hung up on having the correct Ausf. at this point.  But we won’t start playing until the British tanks are done.  It has to look vaguely correct!

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    I research, buy, build, paint, then play.  Working time before getting a game on the table ranges from about eight months to 17 years.

    Ivan Sorensen

    For me, playing the thing first.
    The rest comes later.

    If I find I don’t enjoy the period (or the rules we’ve picked) I lose interest in doing the modelling parts, so the game has to be fun first.

    A lot of guys I know approach the hobby as a painting and modelling hobby first, so they tend to have armies they’ll never play and are happy doing so. Different strokes and all that 🙂

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    Depends on how excited I am about a new project, how many figures need to be painted, how many buildings and terrain items need to be built, and how much disposable income there is. It can take anything from a few months (like my samurai skirmish stuff) to years (like my zombies). Of course, I also have plenty of lads who have never fired a shot in anger. And no project is ever complete because there is always one more building to make, one more unit to paint, etc.
    As an example, I have been wanting to do 6mm moderns for probably a year and a half, maybe 2 years. Will finally be placing my first figure order tomorrow and have started making my first ever 6mm building. I anticipate taking about 6 months to get everything game ready (staggering out purchases and mixing up the painting with 28mm Sudan, 28mm zombies, 40k stuff – I get burnt out if I paint one period/theme without a break).

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    If I’m doing a new period/army or whatever it is because I want the toys for it. So I’ll plan what I need, buy it, paint it and then play with it. I will often have some idea what rules I’ll want to use, but tbh with a big of imagination you can use the same figures with any old set of rules.

    I will often design scenarios specifically to use new stuff I’ve bought or built, just so they get on the table.

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