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    Ok, so I cheated a little, first, it’s 10mm, so doesn’t really count, second, it’s only 1 regiment strong.
    And not even a big regiment, just two battalions. The 108th fought as it’s own small brigade in the 1805-1807 period, in Friant’s 2nd division is Davout’s 3rd corps. At Austerlitz, the whole brigade was a giant 800 men! At that battle, it had support from two small legere companies. Totalling 70 men.
    I’ll give them an extra skirmish base. To add to their 2 skirmish bases, once I get some skirmish figures.

    The brigadier is Étienne Heudelet de Bierre at Austerlitz and Louis Joseph Grandeau at Auerstedt and Eylau.

    Geof Downton

    it’s 10mm, so doesn’t really count

    10mm painted to that standard? Yeah… they count!


    …and the field is fantastic too.

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    It ALL counts! Any completed unit is a small victory. They look great.

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    Mr. Average

    Why doesn’t 10mm count?  Even 6mm counts.  Even 3mm counts!  You’ve done lovely work here – superb painting, excellent basing!


    Why doesn’t 10mm count? Even 6mm counts. Even 3mm counts! You’ve done lovely work here – superb painting, excellent basing!


    Because I usually do 28mm.

    I did this brigade/regiment in 4 days of painting (and less than 3 hours per day)

    While in 28mm it would take me at minimum 9 days and 6 to 8 hours per day to get the same number of figures painted.

    So it feels like cheating.

    Mr. Average

    Embrace the smaller scales.  They call to you.


    Nice work there.

    What size basing did you use please 20mm/20mm? I’ve just dipped my toes into 10mm (embracing the smaller scales as Mr Average puts it) and are currently considering base sizes while I await my figures.



    These are 20x25mm. As I like some room in the front to make the bases look good. They are 3mm thick.

    I think I’ll try 20mm thick bases next as 3 was a little to much.


    cheers for the info


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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