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    This was the first plane I bought for DCS back in 2013, but I only had a half-broken joystick and small monitor, not very fun, so I only played an hour or so of the game with the Warthog, now after playing over 150 hours the last 3 months, I’m testing it out, this is the oldest module, that has gotten semi-regular, and big and small updates for 10 years, including a played major upgrade, that gives the warthog all the newest toys and gives a very nice graphical update too. That means it’s also the most complicated plane in the game, with more systems and sub systems that you can throw a stick at.

    It’s so much to keep track off, so I made myself a mission, the 4th party of the trilogy where the Russians try and kill my friend Sven in Limassol Cyprus,
    Putin has learned Sven is moving to Sweden, so he wants to get rid of him before he is protected by all those Swedish mooses. Well over 100 paratroopers, 2 MBTs, 4 IFV, 3 scout armor, 2 heavy mortars and mobile artillery, and this time they mean business, the main force has started to shell Limassol while a second scout force of some 30 infantry, 3 armored scout vehicles, and 2 heavy mortars are have snuck into the city proper and are motaring Sven’s neighborhood.

    I have loaded the A-10C with 84 rockets! I say again 84! 6 Mk82 500lb bombs, 2 CBU 87 anti-personnel cluster bombs, 1 CBU 97 anti-armor cluster bomb and 1 MK84 2000lb bomb.

    I use CCRP  on the cluster bombs and MK82s, this gives me a target point and the computer calculates it all, the MK82 are dropped in ripple. The rockets and GAU-8 cannon are more analog, And just to mix things up the Mk84 is dropped the old-fashioned way with CCIP, with a regular bomb sight and dive-bombing. The Mk84 does quick work of the scout force.

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