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    A small Anglo-Hanoverian detachment has linked up with a Prussian force. At the Same time, Som Austrians and French happened to have drinks to together at a chateau

    The old enemies have mostly squared off against each other. The French are staring down the British and Hanoverian Assualt. A French and a Hanoverian 12pdr are duelling from their elevated positions.

    French taking fire from a British 6pdr, but the stone wall gives some cover. One French and one French/German battalion, on the other hand, has to try and fight off 2 British and 2 Hanoverian battalions.

    The Prussians always up for a challenge, have decided to assault up a steep hill, were an Austrian 6pdr, a musketeer and grenadier battalion are waiting. And further back 5 French squadrons ready to charge any Prussians that might get through.

    The Prussians will also be taking flanking fire from the woods, were some Croats are hiding.

    But the Prussians look game.

    French getting ready for today’s ball.

    And so the British let rip a volley.

    But then it started to rain, and the war was canceled and everyone said RUN AWAY!

    Nathaniel Weber

    And a good looking table too!

    I enjoy the forest around your house, too. Being in South Texas we don’t have inclines quite like that.



    That’s not a forest,  just our lower property we don’t maintain for lack of equipment,  half of it used a potato field and the other consist of now half rotten apple trees. And it’s all overgrown.

    On the other side however,  behind the dog yards there is a forest/woods.


    A good looking table.


    I like it too. It looks like the grass is rippling in the wind.

    Tired is enough.


    A wonderful display of beautiful figures, thanks for sharing such a fantastic looking game.



    Thanks guys!

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