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    It is going to be a great miniatures Christmas in the irishserb household this year, as my wife has ordered from at least three miniatures companies, and I know exactly what she has ordered for me.

    Curiously, I am not supposed to know, but so far three companies have sent order and/or shipping confirmations to my “irishserb” e-mail address, despite her ordering on a device that I’ve never used, using her name, her totally separate payment accounts, and her “skrappysix” e-mail address.

    A curious database error on the part of the sellers’ software.

    Anybody else experience this?




    telzy amber


    But I too know what my Christmas present will be. A Rock. Coal is too expensive these days donja know?

    If it’s not to inquisitive/intrusive what goodies, in a general sort of way… (period?), are you getting?

    Have a Happy Christmas

    Norm S

    I am getting gifted with wargame kit, but it is something that I have chosen and ordered, which works well for us both, plus of course the other relatives who are happy not to have to work any of this strangeness out or pretend to understand it!


    The companies have matched the delivery addresses and linked the two accounts.

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    My wife bought me this for Christmas, but I had to purchase it with my own card.  It arrived and I won’t get it until Crimbo day.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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