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    Avatar photoStug

    Hi everyone! I was searching around my house for ways to create bases for my first 6mm infantry units. Then, I found something that could help me.

    I am also a model railroader newbie. I don’t have a layout yet. I have only built N scale structures for now. I also bought some scenery materials. By looking in my stuff, I saw my Woodland Scenics tree armatures bag. Every Woodland Scenics trees come with a plastic base. I don’t plan to use the bases because I feel it doesn’t look natural. But the bases could be used for something else, like for basing my miniatures.

    Every base is 1,8cm wide. I will be using 6mm World War II units. I was thinking I could put one, two or maybe three infantry units per base. What do you think?

    On the second picture, I removed the base of the tree trunk and sanded it a little bit.

    Is it too small?

    Instead, should I use square or rectangular bases for my infantry units?

    Should I also base my tanks and other vehicules?

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    I would think they are too small TBH even if a single figure is ‘one unit’ and a pain to pick up by anything other than the figures.

    This assumes the rules do not dictate base size or troop numbers (and you agree to that – lots of folk do not bother with this) so I would wait till you have some figures decide how many make a unit (think leaders / grunts / special weapons) then draw different sizes on paper and see how units fit on that.

    An old thread here may raise a few thoughts as may the pictures here on the Baccus site.

    Avatar photoMike

    I based my 6mm vehicles.

    With 6mm I find that if you put a 6mm figure on a 2mm thick base you have added 33% to its height.
    All your 6 feet tall infantry are now 8 feet tall.

    Unless you make vehicles that much taller you have infantry towering over vehicles, which for me I did not like the look of.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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