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    Avatar photodan green


    Maybe a bit in topic but one of our gaming group has purchased Israeli Defence force miniatures from white dragon miniatures and some Merkava IV & M113 from Etsy.

    I’m not aware of any force on force supplements with rules for the IDF.

    Thoughts for stats of the Merkava & any traits for the infantry?

    thanks in advance.

    Avatar photomadman


    This forum has gone dead. The discussion for pretty much anything Ambush Alley Games related has moved to Discord.

    Avatar photodan green

    Thanks I did wonder it seemed a bit quiet.

    could you DM the link?

    Thank you

    Avatar photoPapasan

    Dan, the link is posted in the AA News – Dev draft live post as:

    I dip in and out of here with reasonable frequency so can usually field an answer for those that don’t want to jump into the discord group. That too can be very quiet but at least you might get an answer direct from Shawn, the author of the ruleset.

    As for your original vehicle query you can probably extrapolate values from similar NATO vehicles already listed, top  MBT’s would give something along the lines of:
    Merkava IV: Front 4D12; side 3D12; rear 2D10; deck 2D8; Gun:120mm (AP:5/AT:8(H); MG’s 4D; Crew 4
    M113A3: Front 2D8; side 1D8; rear 1D6; deck 1D6; Gun: M2HB (Hvy. AP:4/AT:1(L); Crew 2+11.
    up armoured: Front 3D8; side 2D8; rear 2D6; deck 1D6; Gun: M2HB (Hvy. AP:4/AT:1(L); Crew 2+11.

    Infantry traits are probably ‘despised’; likely well trained, even as reservists, so D8 TQ with a D10 MQ.
    Hopefully you’ll see this and it proves useful


    Avatar photomaggico

    For what I saw in the Vehicles Pool list, the stats of the M1A2 Abrams are:

    Front 6D12; side 4D12; rear 3D12; deck 2D8; Gun:120mm (AP:5/AT:6(H); MG’s 4D; Crew 4

    I can assume that a Merkava IV is, more or less, about the same.

    About the M113A3, add obsolete.

    Avatar photodan green

    Thank you both.

    I not used mobs or civilians in games before but can see how the despised unit trait would be a good fit.

    we are struggling to find information on the structure up of IDF squads and platoons (we normally play at platoon or half platoon strength games).

    i have seen some information that squad sizes are either 10 or 13 with either 3×3 or 3×4 fire teams with lone squad leader, each armed with X95s and one LSW (maybe M249?) in each fireteam don’t know if they carry any native anti-tank weapons at the squad level.

    Avatar photomaggico

    Yeah, it’s not easy to have infos about organization of modern israeli army.

    Avatar photoPapasan

    Info is pretty vague but I’d go with the  3×4 person fire teams with lone squad leader option, armed with X95s, one with a ugl & one Negev SAW in each fireteam. This should give you the firepower you need.
    Looks like they have a number of domestic AT weapons, such as the one man B-300, as well as other rocket/missile options, but distribution/availability is unknown.

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