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    dean stobbs

    fancy a bit of 28mm dark age fantasy based in Britain? if so, over here at Broken Spirit war-games we have recently released our rules system “immortal”

    it is only available as a download at present from war-games vault, see link


    its a system of war bands vying fro control over Britain, they have found the book that lets them invoke the power of the Immortals to battle. its based in reality but with a fantasy twist. it doesn’t have a range of miniatures that are sold alongside them but we have used westwinds and footsores minis to create the many photos in the rule book. feel free to use any of the¬†existing minis you already own to decide the fate of humanity. around 20-30 minis per army.

    choose a faction

    choose a hero to lead them

    decide whether you want to ally with good or evil

    roll some dice!


    Word it work with say Slaine from 2000AD?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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