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    I love the rules.  Played a couple games to date (and we’re pretty confident we haven’t missed anything thanks to the QRS and some homemade play aids). But I have a question — the heavy machine gun listed on U.S. tanks is AP 4 AT 1 regardless of whether the vehicle lists improved MG as one of its attributes.  Same goes for the Soviet HMGs.  The value is the same whether the attribute is listed or not.

    Now all the other attributes are already baked into an AFV’s values – Abrams has improved armor — its front armor dice is a D12.  But something seems off with the HMGs.  Am I missing something.  Also note that in the core rules the machinegun on German tanks is listed as AP 2in the core rules, but as an AP value of 4 in the Cold War Gone Hot supplement.

    Just looking for clarification.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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