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    Avatar photoBob Frapples

    Regarding “In Cover” the rules say:

    Pg. 34 – “A unit that does not move may declare that it is ‘In Cover.’ Units may get ‘In Cover’ anywhere, even in a position that would normally be Exposed.”

    Pg. 35 – “Regular units are automatically In Cover on any activation that they do not move and are not Exposed. Irregulars that have not moved during their activation and Exposed Regular units must pass a Quality Check to get ‘In Cover.’”

    However it doesn’t say what happens with Regular units that have moved but aren’t Exposed.  For example if a unit moves behind a wall and then in the end phase a non-initiative unit fires at them they don’t automatically get In Cover since they moved.  So I’m assuming that in this case the unit would have to pass a TQ check to get the In Cover bonus in addition to the Solid Cover bonus.  Is that correct?




    Avatar photodirk bracke


    I thought you should not have moved to try this. The only exception I see is a pinned unit. I thought they go in cover when they succeed their TQ roll even while having moved.



    Avatar photoAidan Geis

    Well I know this post is two years old now but I’ll add that I agree with dirk bracke’s interpretation that you have to remain stationary to be “in cover”.  Regular troops are just smart enough to always know to do it when they don’t move.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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