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    Chris Pringle

    I usually play short 3- or 4-hour games. Here are some ruminations on the virtues of much longer-format games.

    Along the way, AARs on:
    – Battle of Tai’erzhuang, 1938
    – Battle of Nagysallo, 1849
    – modern naval fictional Chinese vs Indian action around the Nicobar Islands


    I’d call a four hour game ‘long’! We usually manage a couple of hours, over two nights. But yes, it is nice to have time to plan etc. For our remote games we usually try and get the briefings out early so people can chat and plan, even if the ‘execution’ phase is quite short.

    Club games aren’t the same as a day long games event of course (which might take several hours).

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    Phil Dutré

    4 hours is a long game these days 😉

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    For a game with friends, 4 hours is indeed a long game.  They just can’t devote the time to anything longer than that.  I can, but they would be solo games.

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    Chris Pringle

    Fair point. I ‘misspoke’ – would have been more accurate to talk about a 3-3.5hr session, typically turning up at the club at 6:30 to set up, playing from ~7 until ~9:30, packed up by 9:45. Thus only ~2.5-3hrs actual game.


    Guy Farrish

    When I started gaming 6 hour games felt both too long and too short.

    I’d walk 4 miles carrying a couple of hundred 25mm (metal) figures in a sports bag. My friends would have most of the game set up and we’d kick off around 1000hrs. We’d pack up around 1600hrs so his parents could have the dining room back and I’d walk home again.

    We rarely, if ever, played a game to a conclusion and I used to wonder why I was tired and had crashing headaches after games!

    Rugby was easier – all over in 80 minutes.


    Most of the games I play are organised for an afternoon (roughly 14:00 to 18:00 or 19:00, set up and packing time not included) but in some public events I also run demo games intended for 2 hours.


    Tony S

    That’s an interesting divide between miniature wargaming and hex board wargames.  A long miniature games is about four hours… whereas that’s a short board game.  Back in the day (that is high school where we had little money, fewer responsibilities but tons of free time) our SPI games would last months.

    And yet, I suspect we miniature gamers probably devote more time to our hobby than board gamers. It’s just spent mostly alone, painting figures and reading histories.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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