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    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    I’m looking for suggestions for my next Ancient army to build. Presently I have built the following armies (all in 15mm):

    Bronze Age:

    New Kingdom Egyptian.



    Middle Assyrian Empire.

    Sea Peoples (under strength).

    Iron Age:

    Neo-Assyrian Empire.


    Babylonian (Under strength).


    Thacian (very under strength).

    Classical Period:

    Polybian Roman.

    Gaullic or Galatians.

    Early Imperial Roman.


    I am presently debating either a Parthian or a Dacian Army to square off with the Imperial Romans. I have a partially built Spanish and Celt-Iberian army too but I have run out of steam on that one for now. I am also looking for something different. An army that challenges without being utterly useless and still fits nicely into one of the three categories above. I suppose the Classical period is in most need of a new army.

    So, any suggestions?

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Avatar photoGeneral Slade

    I like Carthaginians.  Do them early and you get chariots, do them late and you get elephants.

    Avatar photoVictoria Dickson

    Have you considered Armenians? Sort of a half way house to Parthians and they can can double as Roman allies if you eventually get Parthians.


    I’ll second the Carthaginian/Punic army.  You can have a lot of opponents.  Early Hoplite army as well?  I’ve noticed there is no Mycenaean/Minoan army there.  One of each and you could fight out the Illiad.  I Hellenistic Pike army is always good.  Lots of color and plenty of different troop types.  Throw in a couple of elephants and you could do the Pyrrhic invasion of Italy against the Polybian army.


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    Avatar photoOB

    Have you considered collecting a Pontic army? Lots of scope there.  Otherwise and in the same neck of the woods Armenian or Parthian have lots going for them and some nice figures about.

    Carthaginians of course are great, and you already have two component parts of the army with Gauls and Celt-Iberian troops.


    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Carthaginians !!! I have both Early and Late, good all around army.

    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    To All Above:

    Ooh! Great suggestions so far! Thank you all! I do have some Minoan/Mycenaean troops, about twenty stands worth (two old DBA armies worth). I like the Carthaginians, they’re a good suggestion. A friend has an Early Carthaginian army but an elephant-rich later one sounds good. Nothing says fun like being trampled underfoot by your own panicking pachyderms! The Armenian cataphracti look great but I usually play DBM/DBMM and the unreliable allies rules mean that half the army can defect in a game. That’s a little more challenge than I was looking for; but they are a cool looking bunch. Greek Hoplites and Hellenistic Pike armies are owned by gaming friends so no need to make them at this point. The Pontic army suggestion is intriguing, so I’ll definitely do some research there. For the record I also have, as yet unpainted, half of a Lydian army and a full Mongol army and Burmese army. One day I’ll paint them up, really, I will, I promise, honest and for true!

    Thanks again.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


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