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    A British Crown and Company force moved out from Lucknow up the Faizabad Road to disperse what was thought to have been a few hundred wretched mutineers. They got as far as Chinhut, made contact with the enemy and attacked!

    Unfortunately the entire place was crawling with treacherous rebels wanting nothing more than to spill as much British blood as possible. Thenm, a sepoy battery deserted as did an irregular unit of Oude cavalry – both going over to the opposite side. Worse was to come as the gentlemen’s unit of Volunteer Cavalry, whilst achieving initial success in melee, was surrounded and savagely butchered to a man.

    The British commander, Lawrence, ordered the retreat back over the Kokrail bridge back to Lucknow and some of the force was salvaged. This resulted in some undignified scenes as the 32nd (Cornwall) Foot had to flee the village of Ismaiganj chased by thousands of rebellious sepoys.

    All in all, the British performed less well than their historical counterparts, losing all of their cavalry and having to abandon a number of their guns to the enemy.

    More galleries at: http://www.nottinghamwargames.co.uk

    Mutineers ready to counter attack:

    Gentlemens Volunteer Cavalry and untrustworthy sepoys:

    British cavalry charge home:




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    Very nice.


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    Losing your guns is never good.  They always show back up, but pointed at you instead!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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