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    malc johnston

    Indian Mutiny siege 1857 28mm PT 2

    British move forward and decide the bridge is the best solution to get the engineers to the wall.

    pic hosting[/url]

    Bullets rained down on the ranks as they crossed the bridge, and the rolling of the dice was good for once for the sepoys

    photo hosting[/url]

    On the British left they sent in more engineers to cross the dry river
    bed, this was a tough task

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    The view of the attack from the center

    image upload no size limit[/url]

    Engineers push forward, thing was they made it to the wall but the fuse never lit, which gave the sepoys another round of fire killing them outright.Was very funny to see the face of the British player as they made it to the wall only to roll a poor result, great cheers from above on the walls.


    Artillery support gave the support asbest as they could but those walls just gave plenty of cover

    images upload[/url]

    British mortar team gave support also but was completely terrible in its job, but looked good on the table.

    img upload[/url]

    Mutineers held out and won the day and the British were sent packing, great laugh as always and different to game, more photos on the website at http://www.victorian-steel.com/


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