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    malc johnston

    Indian Mutiny siege 1857 28mm

    Great game and very funny, 3 groups of British engineers with infantry and artillery support, had to push forward and try to blow a breach in the wall, simple idea from the British staff, rules were Victorian Steel using engineering rules.More photos at the website in the gallery, i think we have got over a 1000 photos up now of so many different periods i thought that was quick to get up, or does time fly as you get older.
    Anyway pt2 next week enjoy

    The view of the size of the task, the idea was to get those engineers across the river bed, which was treated as rough ground to cross, or cross the bridge, expecting fire from above.

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    Well postion artillery gun and defenders,if the engineers got to make it to the walls, they had a chance of blowing up a hole in the wall and every man above the damaged wall would suffer.


    British had plenty of battalions, artillery and support, was not a case of sitting back in this game firing away till the enemy was weaken, so many turns was given before ammunition was running low.

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    Artillery support along with mortar firing away was given to cover the attacks, in all 3 engineer groups would run forward with infantry support.

    post image[/url]

    defenders await

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    The artillery open fire from the fort

    upload photos[/url]


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