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    Angel Barracks

    I have hit a wall in terms of buildings/terrain ideas for my range.

    Hit me up with some simple ideas!

    Maybe an above ground pipeline?

    Something that can be done in simple resin one piece moulds…

    • OKI storage silos
    • OKI water tower
    • OKI admin building – two stories? The company overlords have to have somewhere to plot…
    • The Junker Bunker (wtf that is, I have no idea, it just sounds cool)
    • Mega-drillworm-nests
    • New Hex2Go pods or colony ship storage modules
    • OKI Moisture condenser/pump house or irrigation module (L-shape to butt up to the deema seed fields?)
    • Hydroponics domes (or longhouses) for those sensitive Earth species that just can’t grow outside
    • Mine entrances – rocky mound with built in airlock or blast doors big enough for vehicles, suggesting a sloping incline into the mine
    • Research camp – several portable modules combine to make a scientific outpost – much like arctic research bases nowadays
    • OKI or Stonehaven or Junker bar
    • Pipelines? 


    I may be back with more later (you lucky people).

    Alvin Molethrottler

    Pyramids, who doesn’t like mysterious ancient structures. Ruins, so that buildings can be blown up during a game. Rivers/streams, not seen any in the pictures of your games. Mag-Lev railway track and perhaps a station (or why not a train!) to go with it. Mine works, where they delved too deep and now the sickness is spreading. Earth station, something like Goonhilly in Cornwall.


    I’m back.

    • Large square or rectangular (or even round) reservoir with a mesh or lattice on the top surface for growing yummy yummy kelp or similar
    • Small add-on front modules to turn OKI MHUs into shops, bars or similar


    <slips back into ponder mode>

    Angel Barracks

    So I am thinking 25cm long track sections.
    With curved edge walls that allow a car to sit in between them, that is 15mm wide.
    I will want some sort of design in the track.
    In the image I have just placed a strip of plasticard, but what about some sort of circles or something to suggest repulsor lift?

    The car will be one model but they will go back to back like in the image.
    If it sells well enough then I can get a middle car done later on.

    I am thinking quite a sleek design with very few details.
    windows and so on but no greeblies.



    I am thinking quite a sleek design with very few details. windows and so on but no greeblies.


    OKI sleek? Sounds perfect. Definitely go for the repulsor lift or maglev detailing.

    Just the thing for the Liao Valley Train Job! Or for Junker saboteurs! Squeee! 


    You’ll also need a station module or platform hub. Just sayin’. 

    Mr. Average

    Maglev-Monorail is a brilliant idea.  Other ideas:

    • Fuelling station or fuel pump
    • Storage tanks of many sizes
    • OKI or RDF Downships – Big, Boxy Planetary Landers
    • Automated defense installations
    • Missile silos (possibly leftovers from pre-colonial military bases, now abandoned)
    • Military checkpoint on a highway
    • Water refinery
    • Static generators (lightning-gatherers)
    • Big-fin wind generators (alternatives to the vertical-axis ones, for use in KR16’s windy lower latitudes)


    Alvin Molethrottler

    Looks good, AB, you can clearly tell its a mag-lev track. What about having the central rail splice through the circular (though I’d go with oval) repulsor points?

    As for the car, when complete, you could also drill a hole in the top of each carriage large enough to accommodate turrets from your RDF Pathfinder range and then sell that as an armoured mag-lev train.

    Angel Barracks

    The car has been done by a 3D designer yesterday and he set it on its 9 hour print at midnight, so it should be printed by now.
    Once he has posted it and it is safely here I will show it off.
    It is very simple and sleek, not much fuss at all.

    It will be resin cast so should be about half the price it would be were it metal.
    I am waiting on some people about the track as I want the track detail, ovals, lines whatever to be done in laser cut MDF like the Hexway roads.
    Just waiting on them and we can start some mould making!

    Angel Barracks

    s for the car, when complete, you could also drill a hole in the top of each carriage large enough to accommodate turrets from your RDF Pathfinder range and then sell that as an armoured mag-lev train

    Do like.


    Like the Maglev idea….oooh a sci fi armoured train……..needs a big ICBM on a wagon too……….AND empty flat cars to be loaded with vehicles and cargo……….

    "Even dry tree bark is not bitter to the hungry squirrel"

    Angel Barracks

    The printer man e-mailed, the print developed a flaw so we are starting the print again…

    Well if you lovely people buy enough of them when they first come out, I will make extra carriages.

    Ghosts of Mars time!

    Mr. Average

    An attack on a maglev line would be an excellent scenario for the Rainforest War – a load of silver on its way to Sulaco comes under attack by unpaid mercenaries, eager to make up their losses… Writes itself!

    Angel Barracks

    The printed Maglev car has arrived, just waiting on the straight sections of track now…


    Verry cool!
    I’ll be buying that!
    And I’ll back any fundraiser for armored/cargo cars if you should decide to go that way.
    Any idea how wide the tracks are going to be? They look like they would be perfect to go over the central canal on my binder-cityboards.

    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

    Angel Barracks
    Rules Junkie Jim

    Me too for the armoured version. A sci fi armoured train is the Best Idea Ever.

    Angel Barracks

    The maglev thing.

    I am still waiting on the tracks to be done then I will be casting them up once the moulds are done.

    Now the guy that did the CAD work really liked the idea and has been working on some extra bits without me asking, he is very keen on the concept you see.

    Once I have sold some of the track sections and initial trains, I will be bringing out some other sections, the most important of course being the passenger car…

    Thaddeus Blanchette

    Dear Mike,

    Make sure you hit up the Ogre Minis crowd on the SjG Ogre board. Ogre has plenty of scenarios that need a six mm train.

    Now, if you could downscale that to 3mm I’ll buy a whole set up and worship at your feet.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Angel Barracks

    Oooh good call, is it ok for companies to promote their stuff there themselves?



    Angel Barracks

    So some test casts:

    The car is ok, the track is too thick but that is just as these are test casts.
    The actual model of the track will not be so thick and uneven on the bottom.

    Will be ready in about 2 weeks, would be sooner but the day the moulds are ready to be used properly (ie they have finished curing) I am away on holibobs..


    Angel Barracks

    Back to back with a GW Rhino for scale

    Alexander Wasberg

    Very nice, I think the Fringe could use a train 🙂


    Looking exellent Michael, waiting eagerly for this!

    Alvin Molethrottler

    Looks very good AB! Could a pair of buffers be made, as a very small block you insert into the track perhaps, so that said track could terminate on table?

    Angel Barracks

    Repulsorlift tech is now firmly established on Kometenmelodie with easyTrain moving in and offering a trial passenger service.

    It will run along the Liao River Valley and will connect Anvil gate in the west to Mariposa in the East.
    If this proves to be profitable, easyTrain will roll out freight services as well as more advanced passenger services in the near future.


    Catch a ride HERE

    (1 bag per passenger)

    Angel Barracks

    Right, back to this…


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