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    Avatar photoRichard Grove

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    A,B,C have initiative. A is activated and fires at 1, who chooses to React so the tow take a Reaction Test.

    Can B now attempt to React to 1 and then 2 attempt to React to B and so on? They are essentially reacting to actions that havent happened yet throughout?

    Also, if B does React, do they lose their ability to be activated as a unit on the Initiative side? In otherwords, once reacting, can they be activated later – removing a dice for their previous reaction etc?

    Lastly, can all units therefore react to enemies actions in their LOS until they 1)fail a Reaction Test  or 2) React enough times to reduce their basic firepower to 0.

    Oh, one more – when reducing firepower due to reactions, this is the Basic Firepower of 1 per man right, or does it include bonuses for support weapons?  Can a fire team of 4 guys with a SAW react 4 times or 5?


    THanks so much!



    Avatar photoRichard Grove

    Ok, let me make this a bit simpler.

    A Unit with initiative can act in one of three ways.

    1. It can be activated and perform an action
    2. It can be set on overwatch and react to enemy reactions (or actions at the end of the turn) until it fails a test or earns enough negative mods to consume its firepower
    3. It can forfeit its activation and use Opportunity Fire to react to an enemy reaction (or action at the end of the turn), but only once as this is essentially its activation.

    A Unit without initiative can

    1. React to a Initiative Units’ activation (Not overwatch) or Opportunity Fire – again until it fails a test or consumes its firepower. (If Irregular it can only react once)
    2. Be activated at the end of the turn after all Initiative Units have been activated.

    Is that about right?

    Avatar photoShawn Carpenter

    Correct, with a clarification – Non-Initiative units can only be activated in the End Phase if they didn’t perform any Interruptions during the Initiative player’s phase.

    Shawn Carpenter
    [email protected]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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