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    Brian Handley

    They say a  picture is worth a thousand words.   I am new to the board.  My interest is 1/144 (about 12mm) scale cold war gaming.   I use our own published rules (Maneouvre Group).

    The picture is a cheat, its not a real game but a big convoy . At Hammehead one year we showed a convoy of a real battalion and showed off the various standards of vehicle from Can Do Injection moulding, to proffessionally 3D  printed , home 3Dprinted (replicator 2) and cast.   The standards are in decending order the metal cast were considered the worst by most folk.

    The terrain is our  own Hexon 2 set up for hills and baseboard but cardboard  roads and houses and Angel Hair for the wood bases.   Personally I am no lover of hex based roads as thet do not mimic real terrain at all well.  The bunker is a 3D printed scale model of a UK type 24 Artillery proof  design.


    My interests are modern at 1:1 with interesting and challenging realistic scenarios.  I am allergic 😉 to points systems games as they are about as unreal as they come.    One of my latest areas of interest is in actual real deployment of a units in defence, lines of fire, FDF designations, wire layout and dummy/alternate positions for both the Allies and the Russians and their allies. Help and sources appreciated.

    The other thing is doing my own 3D printed Figures.  They are very crude but far more realistic than most, as they do not look like oversized circus freaks that would never fit into their vehicles.

    Oh, and I am nearly always contentious in my posts (but hopefull always polite).

    Obviously I have a working knowledge of 3D printing so may be able to answer questions on that topic.




    Hello. I have been following your posts on TMP and would like to ask a few questions about your rules. Quite a few actually. First my background.

    I have been gaming since the early ’70s as a young teen. I started collecting micro armour before I found some rules a couple of years later. The rule set I used back then was Tractics. I also had Angrief Attack and later wrg but the only one I played more than once was Tractics. I am just back into gaming after a 25 year interruption and after a lot of effort have located a few other gamers in my area interested in micro armour. Along with my waistline my interest in different periods and arenas of war has expanded and evolved some. I have been looking into quite a few rules sets including the board games Squad Leader/ASL and Conflict of Heroes using micro armour and enlarged maps. Nothing has caught me yet but there are so many sets out there now it is becoming a bewildering choice.

    I would like to find a set of rules where one stand of infantry is a squad, fire team, weapons team or leader. A single vehicle figure is one vehicle or weapon. Crews are handled as separate from their weapons. The effects of leaders is tangible in some way. I would like to be able, with appropriate considerations, to be able to play one set of rules for the period from between the wars up to modern day and possibly into science fiction (if possible). The most important aspects to me are the effects and limitations of command and control on your forces. My ideal force size would be a platoon or two of infantry and a company of armour all with some supporting elements.

    If this sounds like your rules let me know and if I can give you my list of more detailed questions, either by posting them here so others can compare how close they should be to their own tastes, or as a private message. Thank you.


    Brian Handley

    Stephan, sorry for the delay I have been on holiday.

    So our rules are relly designed for 1:1 but infantry in teams and or squads.  Vehicles are 1 to one.

    So our rues are designed to be optimum with about a platoon in defence and a company in attack.  These daft games that have equal sides are just games.  They need random as really in a battle you need at least 3 to 1 t superiority to press home an attack.  Encouner battles did occationally happen with equal sise but most end up in stalemate.

    Now our rules differ in that vehicles are not an after thought.  They are delt with in a modestly plausible way.  They have limited vision if buttoned up and are capable of moveing very much faster than infantry but have limitations in such movement to keep it plausible.

    Command and control is based on the command network.   Each element has its own activation each bound and also some may get an extra one from its command element.   So having command elements do their job is important.  These command actions have some limitations to keep the model plausible but it is very much a copmmand and control game.

    After 10 years we are still improving it.  We now have machine guns behaving correctly with at least grazing fire now being better represented.  (we have not formaly issues a bullatin yet but we can send an advaced copy).

    The system is an element by element activation system with some exceptions.  i.e you move an element then the opposition moves one.  The player with least elements activated being able to “pass”.



    The game needs thought, the rules are simple but the game is not (a bit like chess).   Its not toy soldiers so figures are not removed, as in the real world units genrally fail with10 TO 15% casualties so figure removel is again daft and makes it just a game.


    I always suggest players go to Wargames Vault and download the bulatins and the QR sheets.   Ifthat seems to much you are not going to like the rules.  Again a key feature is the need to turn the vehicle turrets (like real vehicels, that why they have turrets).  If that level of realism is not for you then again we are not for you.

    If you want to be a company commander and have to make at least some decisions as the real wold it may be for you.

    You need plausible terrain, not too hard in 1/144.  we do do some houses as well but you can use your own.  Again you need to be able to depict which floor the infantry to get the best out of the rules.    You can start off with a platoon vs a couple of squads to get the hang of it.

    We do not have a ponts system  that is becuse they only work on serile ballanced terrain.  We suggest you get Goole earth pich a bit of ground and have a go at reproducing it.   similarly in the UK 1:25000 series maps are good.  You realise just how much terrain is in a couple of square kilometers.  you wong get the hills right but it gives you an idea where to put crest lines.


    Hope this helps, feel free to as more questions.














    Darkest Star Games

    Your rules sound like they’d appear to the simulationist part of me.  I may just have to check them out!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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