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    Frederick the Great, with designs on starting a war with Austria on his own terms, deigned to invade one of Maria Theresa’s allied minor states. While his planning had initially been for a campaign to take Saxony, a sweeter target emerged in the form of Candyland as his first target.

    Some folks have seen this, but posting it here on TWW for the amusement of those who haven’t.

    Yes, it’s a bit oddball. I used Black Powder and ran the game in June at an event in Pennsylvania call The Weekend.

    Candyland view from the Candy Cane Forest

    Candyland view from Molasses Swamp

    Here’s an older topic on another forum related to building the project and WIP pictures:


    And here’s the battle report on my blog with more pictures of the game:



    Avatar photoPiyan Glupak

    Completely mad!  Don’t know why I liked it.  Thank you.

    Avatar photoDave of Medetia

    Bonkers but fun!


    Avatar photowillz

    That looked fun, thanks for sharing.

    Avatar photoSamantha

    I would not have been able to resist nicking a candy cane and having a munch!

    Never put a sock in a toaster.

    Avatar photoMike

    Is that blancmange ?

    Avatar photoGoldwyrm

    Thanks for all the comments. The candy canes were removable and still wrapped, so one of the more edible edibles. The small gum drop rocks however were spray coated with acrylic, so those not so much.

    Is that blancmange ?

    No, I cheated and used bowls that looked like gum drops. I love the idea though, having just looked up blancmange to see what it is. lol.

    I’ve since picked up more gingerbread figures (from Victory Force Miniatures).  When I get those painted, I’ll have a full brigade for the fledgling army of Candyland.

    Avatar photoSaigon Saddler


    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Love it. Completely mad but you just want to find out more about the table and the game.

    Avatar photoAltius

    You are a strange, strange man. 🙂

    The game actually looks like a lot of fun.

    Where there is fire, we will carry gasoline

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