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    malc johnston

    Iron Cross game WWII

    More photos on the website at http://www.victorian-steel.com/

    This was our first game of Iron Cross, we started small! 30 units a side and what a great ruleset it is. The bulk of the game centres around spending your command points and the skill is knowing when to pass the initiative to your opponent and when to interrupt the opponents move.

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    screen shot

    We set our game in the western desert, with the axis forces tasked with defending a town and the British and commonwealth forces having two objectives to capture the oasis and to clear the town. This was always going to be difficult as both sides had equal forces (in numbers at least)

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    The game commenced with the British having the initiative and making reasonable progress, with their right flank taking on the Italians who were supported by some Mark III’s. This developed into a real slugfest with a cat and mouse approach being changed to outand out attack by Lenlater on in the game.

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    In the British centre and left the commander decided to eliminate the anti -tank screen before advancing in a final charge.
    The result was a draw with the Germans holding the town but the British capturing the oasis.

    how to take a screen shot

    We really liked the decision making element of this rule system it is not IGO-UGO but a simple to operate but hard to master system where the non -initiative player can interrupt the other sides flow 3+ to succeed and on a roll of a 6 captures the initiative back. Each tank or squad acts independently and the more tasks given them or damage inflicted the harder it becomes to carry things out.

    There are no range restrictions apart from for panzerfaust type weapons, and firing is elegantly simple relying on a D10 roll
    There are no melee rules and the whole system has a flow and logic to it. We have made one change to the rules making troops in cover 1 pip harder to hit and are looking forward to getting the Soviets and German 28mms out for a spot of urban warfare.

    We just need to finish the town boards, so give us a week or two.
    This game was played at the Victorian Outpost, the newest and only custom built Wargames Venue in Grimsby, where you are guaranteed a friendly welcome and a wargame played in the spirit of fun rather than a re-run of the Monty Python argument sketch. (You know who you are! ) Contact nevermore if you fancy a game. Our group of 11 can cater for most periods and genres.


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