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    Jupp, this mission is a recreation of a dream I had.

    The F15E Strike Eagle is the newest aircraft in DCS and the only new one we got this year.

    Still far from finished, but new features are added all the time.

    This last patch it got JDAMs many aircraft can use those in DCS, so nothing new. Except the amount of bombs and how effectively you can use them.

    You can program each bomb with coordinates, those can be programed through a cassette tape(plot it in in the mission editor) you can get coordinates from the targeting pod, manually plot in the coordinates on the scratch pad in the cockpit etc.

    In theory you can give each bomb a different targets up to 12 500lb bombs I think. And drop them at the same time and hit 12 different targets in one go.

    Quite impressive.

    I’m this mission I had 3 pre planned targets, 1 for my big 2000lb bunker buster and 2 for two 500lb bombs. I had 4 more 500lb for targets of opportunity to designate with my targeting pod.


    I give each of the 3 bombs their target but programing them with the info I have I drop with some success. I then spend a long time trying to designate targets wot the pod. I drop 1 bomb that misses a tank. On my last pass I again miss the tank, but hit the fuel tanks.

    So I order my Wingman with his 4 2000lb bombs to take out the remaining targets. And he basically wipes out the whole f-ing village.


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