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    This project has been on the go for many years now. First in an attempt, interrupted by illness and a a four to five year hiatus away from the hobby, to put on a Fornovo game which, to be honest, at the time I had little chance of achieving. As my interest moved much more towards the Spanish in Italy he goal was then to changed from that of Fornovo 1495 to that of Cerignola 1503 or Ravenna 1512.

    I have a real Horde of Shame when it comes to models for The Italian Wars still to to paint up, Steel Fist, Wargames Foundry, The Assault Group and many more but despite suffering from a debilitating mental illness which at time has taken me away from the hobby I love so much I have managed to make what is at least a start on first the Italians (Gonzaga Vignette) and tackled a couple of unit of Spanish and a gun so, as I have done with my Anglo Danes and Early Byzantines I am going to tally up what I have so far in one post.

    If it wasn’t for the illness and the time taken up in therapy added to putting that therapy into practice there would be much more to show for this project.

    The Italian Wars have long been a favourite of mine. One just cannot beat the period for colour and spectacle.

    There are many more pictures of each unit from various viewpoints on my Just Add Water Blog here:

    Franceso Gonzaga’s Charge Across the River Taro at the Battle of Fornovo 1495

    Speed Painted French Mounted French Crossbowmen:

    Spanish Trastámara Arquebusiers

    Spanish Trastámara Ordinance Piece

    Spanish Trastámara Rodeleros/Sword and Buckle


    Lovely !

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    Lovely !


    Thanks Konstantino s Travlos:)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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