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    Avatar photoNorm S

    I am taking one of the scenarios from One Hour Wargames (Neil Thomas) and running it for different periods and with different rules. At most, each side will only ever have 6 units.

    Today we have ACW and the Two Flags – One Nation rules on the table.



    Avatar photowillz

    Cool looking game.

    Avatar photoTony S

    As ever, a fascinating read as well as some attractive eye candy.   I would have guessed that the Confederate commander was going to have a hard conversation with Lee about that battle, but apparently not.

    Even though I’m not a huge fan of OHW rules, I absolutely love the ethos of his designs, especially the scenarios.   As you’ve mentioned, adapting his scenarios to other rules isn’t hard, although sometimes there are a few quirks that one has to think through.

    We’ve used DBA, using their army lists (which is a bit of a shame; another thing is I greatly admire about Thomas’ rules is the random army generator roll) and pretty much the scenario as written.  A right timetable, again as you’ve noted, is a wonderful tool to drive the scenario.  Indeed, the last couple of scenarios I played it, saw me win quite handily, as I played with an eye towards the victory conditions of the scenario.  I suspect the habits of many decades of DBA games subconsciously made my opponents a bit more cautious and deliberate than was wise, given the time pressure.  During the games, I reminded them of the victory conditions, but it wasn’t enough to overthrow years of DBA inertia.  That said, the games were still tense.  Previously I was worried that some army combinations and scenarios might lead to hideous imbalances, but so far the scenarios have been very well balanced.  Hats off to Mr Thomas.

    Oh – a final note.  I have found it interesting that most players, when playing a game wherein you must seize an objective, often cease any offensive actions once reaching it.  Quite often that is a good idea, but other times perhaps not.  Had the Union taken the hill, but continued to push forwards (not ignoring their orders, just a quick reconnaissance in force you understand) perhaps the outcome would have been different?  The North might have been able to trade space for time?  Either way, I just find it interesting how most wargamers tend to play.

    Again, thanks for a lovely post Norm.

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Thanks gents. Tony, ‘hats off to Mr. Thomas’ indeed, it would be nice to see another book from him, but it appears quiet on that front. I have his Ancients & Medieval and Napoleonic books and enjoy both.

    agree with pushing forwards a little, though some commercial scenarios are timed so tightly that just making the objective pretty much consumes the game clock.

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