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    I’ve decided to do a RPG Fantasy project……..decided to concentrate on the one project and drawing on my previous experience with gaming projects (6mm Sci-fi and 15mm Fantasy). Decided to keep focused and hopefully have enough ideas to start.

    I will continue to put here the game as I create it (hopefully will not procrastinate in the process). Here’s the start of my background lore. Plus I wanted to get my eye in painting some models. So these are some test pieces.


    The Joining Of The Realms

    Three realms, existing together in parallel unison. The material realm, which we, the living all inhabit. The spectral realm, which is linked to the material realm. Where various spectres can filter into the material realm. The demon realm, sealed from the other realms until now. Three hundred years ago demons and monsters were able to enter the material realm though an event called “the joining”. At this time the world was also exposed to magic. As mysteriously as it the event came, it went. Sealing the demon realm off and stranding demons and monsters in the material realm. Then, another event…..some call it “the second joining”.

    Don’t be fooled by innocence…….

    Don’t be fooled by beauty……..

    Don’t be fooled by man’s best friend……

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    If so, where are the models from?

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    Sounds like anyone could be a monster or demon based on those figure descriptions.  fantasy AND paranoia, nice!


    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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    oooh 28mm? If so, where are the models from?

    Yes opted for 28mm – 32mm. These are from Etsy, quite a choice. Which I think influenced my choice in scale. That and I’ve never done anything this large before.

    Done some more, next up is two hero’s and the first monster. I will add a Mage as a companion for the hero’s. And continue with different types of classification of the different monsters and demons.

    The hero’s

    Tarick Wolfheart……….Monster and Demon slayer

    Monster slayers specialise in hunting and killing monsters and demons. It’s important to understand that monsters and demons are two very different things.

    Using more specialist weapons and having the ability to wield magic. They sell their service to the highest bidder. Tarick is one of the most skilled in his field.

    Freya the Fearless…..…monster slayer

    Daughter of Tarick, Freya is trained by her father. She doesn’t wield the same spells but equally skilled with a sword.

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    The Monsters

    Blood Slurper……….Classification; Feral Vampire

    These vampiric creatures share no resemblance to the vampires we all know from folklore. They don’t give a toss about crosses, garlic or holy water. Although nocturnal they’re not bothered too much about sunlight neither (should they do encounter sunlight they won’t disappear in a puff of dust). Nor do they float majestically in though an open bedroom window in the middle of the night to suck blood from a beautiful virgin with a gentle kiss like bite while she’s sleeping….No, these cruel and sadistic creatures prefer to shred their prey with razor sharp claws and watch with delight as their pray slowly bleeds out. Whereupon they can then slurp and lick the blood off the cold, hard, floor. (Much more efficient than faffing around in people’s bedrooms).

    Avatar photogreg954

    A few more monsters for the realm. I’ve noticed nearly all the models need a little finishing off, but that’s no biggy. I’ll be ordering some more after Christmas and working on the game board and scenery too. So lots to do be it’ll be ready for the first game. Not to mention I need to think about what rules to use.


    Rot Hag…….. Classification; Necrophage (corpse eater)

    Necrophages, (there are lots of different types). Share one thing in common. They are not interested in the living (usually). No, these foul creatures like rotting flesh. In fact, festering flesh is some what a delicacy for them. A mortuary or cemetery for a Rot Hag is like a Walmart or Asda for us. Rot Hags started off scouring the  landscape of the demonic realm looking for dead and dying demons. Now, being in the material realm have presented them with sweeter opportunities. Some Rot Hags have gone a step further and started to kidnap and murder young children and the vulnerable. Burying the corpses and returning later to dig them up once rotten for a snack or a banquet.

    Bewitched Wraith…………Classification; Spector

    A bewitched wraith is a woman who suffered greatly before death ( no fury like the fury of a woman scored, even in death). This huge negative energy attracts demonic lost soles from the spectral realm. Then all this bad energy is consumed by the demonic sole and then it becomes a wraith. But, there are many kinds of wraiths. In this case it becomes bewitched, tethered to the material realm by something corporeal (and that becomes a proverbial pain in the arse for everyone) They can’t be killed since they are already dead (and that’s a huge problem). Corporeal weapons have no effect, unless imbued with Spector oil. But this simply allows the weapon to make physical contact sending the wraith back into the spectral realm. But a bewitched wraith is tethered and simply returns to the material realm ((to carry on being a proverbial pain in the arse) The only way to banish a bewitched wraith permanently is to find the corporeal object that binds it and destroy it.

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