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    Well, we made it, the last fight of KG Klink’s campaign in Greece!

    The ninth fight saw Captain Freitag’s 1st Schutzen Battlegroup absolutely bludgeon the weakened British Rangers/9th King’s Royal Rifle Corps as they attempted a spoiling attack to buy their retreating comrades time to escape the German encirclement.  It didn’t work, and now we find Colonel Klink leading an assault by the Panzer Battlegroup on the lightly armed Wellington Force.  A victory here for the Germans will likely see the Wellington Force destroyed and the gate shut behind the retreating Commonwealth forces.

    The Germans advance aggressively, so aggressively that they allow their Engineer Platoon, still mounted in their trucks, to be ambushed by Kiwis dug in on Hill 312!

    And those damned Allied 2-pdrs are on the scene, again!

    As absolutely all hell breaks loose on Hill 421!

    The Germans ultimately come out on top, but the ragtag, lightly armed Wellington Force sure put up a helluva fight!

    To see the whole thing, please check the blog at:

    For a post-mortem on the campaign, to include stats, thoughts on the map system and rules, and what’s coming up next (hint: the largest invasion of the history of humankind), please take a gander here:

    If you’re interested in seeing what KG Klink looked like at the end of Greece, check here:

    If you’re interested in the changes to KG Klink, what’s it’s going to look like and how it will be formed up, please take a look here:


    I thank everyone that made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it as much I did, and we’ll be coming back to KG Klink as soon as I can get some stuff painted up and some stuff re-based.  In the meantime, we’ll be heading over to my Cuba Libre blog for a massive, 30-fight campaign in the fictional African country of South Leon.


    Avatar photoNorm S

    Thanks Jack, a ton of effort to get all of this written up – appreciated.

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Those poor Brits.  Barbarossa should be fun, but we have Fake Vietnam to get through first. Wink wink.

    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Very nice, very well done. Will look forward to see what happens next.  For totally unrelated reasons, I was reading the official history of the Greek campaign from the UK side earlier today: it is here if anyone is interested.  Luckily, the real British commanders were a bit luckier/more cautious/more skillful than Jack’s lot!

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Norm – My pleasure, Sir!  Thank you for the kind words, and you’re own fine work!

    Kyote John – Yeah, they were doomed from the start 😉  And yes, it’s off to South Leon, though this campaign is more of just a generic ‘modern’ set of fights, rather than ‘fake Vietnam,’ like I’d been doing.

    Whirlwind John – Thanks a bunch, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.  As I mentioned, I’m always going to be on the aggressive side, and from my standpoint, sitting back and holding fast was not an option for the Commonwealth troops, they were going to have to do something dramatic (and with a low chance of success, as we saw) to have a chance of winning, or simply sit there and get punished by stand-off weapons until they’d had enough and decided to retire (or be forced to retire after being suppressed and having German infantry closing in).

    And to be clear, I’m not putting that on the real-life Commonwealth commanders and troops, it’s the way I set it up in terms of the games, and how my modified version of Chain of Command was playing out.  Going into Barbarossa, my plan is for the Germans to generally be outnumbered in all the games; the Germans will have substantial firepower, will be very mobile, and will run circles around the Soviets in terms of command and control, but the Germans will always be outnumbered, and the Soviets will have some nasty surprises in store with KV-1s and T-34s.


    Avatar photoGaz045

    Congratulations on the splendid campaign, all very authentic and full of the atmosphere of the time! Looked forward to the reports and admired the elegant nature of the campaign system too.

    Now awaiting Klinks adventures in the East………..

    "Even dry tree bark is not bitter to the hungry squirrel"

    Avatar photojeffers

    Followed this with great interest. Lots of ideas, well presented and enjoyable to read. Roll on Barbarossa… Bravo!

    More nonsense on my blog: http://battle77.blogspot.com/

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Thank you, gentlemen, I very much appreciate the kind words.  Knowing there are folks out there reading and enjoying these certainly helps keep me going!

    I am absolutely chomping at the bit to get to Barbarossa, I literally can’t wait, but…  For some reason I decided to re-base my Germans and Soviets (tired of having them not uniform, and I don’t like the red and blue on them, or how thick the bases were), I hitch is a pretty big project, and I had to buy more T-26s, T-34s, and Sdkfz 251s.

    So plenty of work to do, but I’m on it and really want to dive in ASAP.



    Avatar photovtsaogames

    Impressive! You are a very busy chap.

    It's never too late to have a happy childhood

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Great stuff, Jacko!  It really is great that you document all of this to such a high completeness.  It is inspiring!  Keep it coming!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoDeleted User

    Now that the campaign is over I can come clean and admit that from way back when you mentioned Klink in Greece I had it in my head you were going to play Crete, hence my comment aout the Falschirm Jager.

    Still catching up on battle #2

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Thanks, Vtsao, I do what I can 😉

    I appreciate it, Darby. And I’m a little OCD, so that helps.  With this, at least 😉

    Ahh, gotcha Thomaston, no sweat.  I was a bit confused, but wrote it off as that’s pretty much my natural state.  #2???  Where they hell have you been?  And I sent you an email about helicopters.



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