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    Yes, this is what I did on New Year’s Eve after the kids went to bed…

    It’s 0630, 1 Sept 1930. Following the way being opened by the infantry, the Kampfgruppe’s reconnaissance elements rushed through the hole, followed by the Panzers, with motorized infantry elements mixed in as they were able to get on the road or catch up following mop-up duties. Attached to 4th Panzer Division, the Kampfgruppe has been told to dash for Warsaw and forgo all else, that everything to their right will be handled by the Slovaks, and everything to their left will be handled by Guderian’s panzertroops swooping down from the north. This is a great concept, but immediately goes out the window when the recce element is ambushed by the Polish 19th Uhlan Regiment, dug-in on the northwest side of a small town (actually a string of three villages all) called Mokra.

    The Poles have their CO, three 37mm anti-tank guns (ATGs), two .30-cal MGs, an 82mm mortar, and five rifle squads.
    The German force, with their CO (the Reconnaissance Company commander, 1st Lt Unger), 2nd Lt Wehner’s Armored Reconnaissance Platoon )1 Sdkfz 231 and two 221s), two Panzer Mk IIIs of 3rd Panzer Plt (Lt Gerhart and Sgt Friessler’s vehicles happened to be near the head of the column when the fight broke out), the bulk of 1st Motorcycle Plt (4th Squad had fallen out with mechanical problems), and then some cats and dogs from the infantry (2nd Grenadier Platoon’s Lt Klugmann and his 1st and 2nd Squads, led by Sgt Aust and Sgt Hasselbach; Klugmann was very angry about missing the fight at the frontier, and so he grabbed his 1st and 2nd Squads, who had fought at the frontier, and hopped in the first transport available, determined to be at the forefront of the action. Once again his 4th Squad was left behind, presumably still guarding the left flank).

    The Polish line, with both MGs in the trench at top, the mortar in the trench at bottom, flanked by infantry, and with the three ATGs in the bunkers.
    The German order of march: the Armored Reconnaissance Platoon interspersed with 1st Motorcycle Platoon, followed by the Recon Co CO, followed by Lt Gerhart’s panzers, with Lt Klugmann’s 2nd Platoon having just dismounted on the right.

    The fight was a nailbiter, literally the balance hung by a thread, saved only by the miraculous. Please check the blog, it’s crazy:

    -REDACTED so as not to give up the game 😉
    -3rd Panzer Platoon’s Sgt Friessler wounded in action, received Wound Badge, will return after Polish campaign.
    -Lost ~20 KIA/WIA and 1 Panzer Mk III destroyed. 1 Sdkfz 221 was damaged, but recovered and put back into action.
    -Caused ~45 KIA/WIA, captured ~35 EPW and 2 anti-tank guns.

    So, the mission was accomplished, albeit by the skin of my teeth. Truth be told, this was better than the Germans did in real life, being beaten severely in real life. In any case, in the overall scheme of things, the KG and 4th Panzer Division pulled back to allow air and artillery to pound Mokra, and immediately preparing to launch a mechanized attack.

    The fights have been very exciting, but too close for my taste 😉 For all those out there that like to see the Germans get their butts kicked, stay tuned, there’s a few of those to be written up.


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    Glad you got another game in Just Jack I finished up my First Barbarossa game tonight as well.

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