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    Avatar photoSaucermen Studios

    Grid City is live Kickstarter on at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saucermenstudios/grid-city

    This project funded in 15 minutes and has already unlocked 18 stretch goals!

    This HUGE set is an interconnecting system of 3D printable, sci-fi cube terrain. This large collection of STL files includes highly detailed structures that seamlessly stack in diverse configurations with walkways that attach easily to create custom, hard-scifi layouts.

    The variety of building shapes and multiple styles of architecture are based on a modular 3 inch cube layout for dynamic and functional setups. Components all print without supports on FDM printers and fit together without any clips. Many buildings also print great on resin printers!

    The core set includes 90+ models with a huge amount of modularity, interconnectivity, and interactive features such as removable doors/shutter, floor inserts, interchangeable rooftops, connecting walkways. Combine building sections and additional components in various heights and horizontal layouts.

    The additional 280+ stretch goal models and choice of add-ons expand the features and themes even more!


    Avatar photoDark Horse Hobbies

    What printer (specifically a brand and model) would you recommend for printing these models?

    Also, can these be printed at a scale suitable for 32mm figures?

    If I understand your licensing correctly for commercial reproduction, I would have to purchase a commercial license subscription, and then also purchase a personal license in order to resell printed models? (all of the content graphics on your licensing page are broken links)

    Shop our webstore at www.darkhorsehobbies.com (US Sales Only)

    Avatar photoSaucermen Studios

    An FDM rather than resin printer is recommend for terrain.  At the lower price point, I’d suggest a Creality Ender 3.  At the higher price I’d go with a Bambu Labs machine.

    Grid City is designed to printed at 100% scale for 28-32mm minis.  There’s an example below with minis from various games with the terrain.

    For commercial printing, you just buy the models you’s like to print whilst also having an active commercial licence subscription – having the commercial licence subscription converts all your personal licenses into a commercial one.

    Thanks for the heads up on the broken image, that’s been fixed.


    Late pledges for Grid City are now available at https://saucermenstudios.com.au/product/grid-city-kickstarter-stl-bundle-late-pledge/

    Commercial licence info can be found at https://saucermenstudios.com.au/commercial-print-licences-for-3d-printed-terrain/


    Avatar photoTony S

    Very tempting stuff!  In fact, your designs are so tempting that the thought of actually buying a 3D printer, because I don’t own one, is flitting across my brain.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Obviously not owning one, I know very little about them, but how well do your models scale down to 15mm?  Also, do the printers need a computer?  I mean, obviously a computer is needed to download the files, and perhaps rip them (?) but do the printers need to be plugged into the printers while they are printing, or can a USB or WiFi be used to send or transfer the files?  That is – do I need to have the printer beside the computer in the den, or can I bury the printer deep into the basement and let it run on its own?  I assume Blender would be a good choice for software?</p>
    My apologies for my no doubt breathtaking ignorance!

    Avatar photoMike

    Transfer the files from your computer to a USB and plug that into the printer to print them.


    Avatar photoSaucermen Studios

    It’s definitely worth looking into a budget printer like the Ender 3 for printing terrain, I’ve got a great write-up about the basics of printing terrain here, but essentially you need a slicer to make the STL file ready for your particular printer.

    Cura is a good free slicer which you can use – Blender is great for design but not a replacement for a slicer.  Hope this helps?

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