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    Howard Whitehouse

    I like to run big ‘event’ games. Not “Austerlitz in fourteen hours” events, but noisy, hilarious games with lots of people having fun. This is the set up for what i have termed “A lurid, trashy adventure in modern pulp” for this year’s Historicon. I’ll give you the blurb:
    “The tiny, geographically dubious island of Scrofula is known for many things, most of them very bad – a cruel dictatorship, the drug trade, fanatical revolutionaries, grinding poverty, snakes, headhunters, unimaginative cookery – but the pristine white beaches and cheap narcotics have made it a playground for the rich, beautiful and stupid. Naturally, when there’s word of a coup, and crime lords falling out, and Russian agents in the cafes, and rebels in the slums and alien sightings and – – it’s time to come for a vacation. As you would, including two spoiled rich girls who have given their husbands / chaperones / bodyguards the slip.”

    You can read on for more details:





    I do all my own stunts.

    Gone Fishing

    I have to admit that on first seeing the title of this post on the homepage, I thought to self, “Hmmm, that sounds out of the ordinary. Who could be posting such a thing on a site generally focused on epaulettes, the nuances of Latin and the best methods for making hills out of latex? And in all caps, even!

    I should have known.

    All kidding aside, this sounds like tremendous fun, Howard. One of my longest-running dreams, hobby-wise, has been to participate in one of your rambunctious outings, but alas, the distances tend to make things difficult. Still, best of luck with this! Perhaps you could bribe some sap to take photos to share with the rest of us?


    Ah… so you are transitioning from Pulp to Horror. The title certainly sent shivers down my spine!

    Sounds like a great deal of fun.

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    Howard Whitehouse

    It may also have science fiction aspects. I am convinced that the Kardashians are aliens, inhabiting bodies designed by a captured fourteen year old boy as his idea what human females ought to look like.

    It seems possible the flying saucer will be returning for them.

    I do all my own stunts.


    Sounds awesome.

    There are certainly plenty of Kim-appropriate figures available, but what about Khloe? And don’t forget Kourtney!

    BTW– why not double the fun by including the SNL versions?


    This sounds like so much fun! Wish I could go.

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