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    Darkest Star Games

    As a raspy voice-over once said: “…and so it begins…”

    I stopped by a dollar store the other day to pick up some plastic easter eggs for some school project for the kids, and decided to go bonkers buying all sorts of different shampoo and soaps, just for the bottles to make into space ships.  Grab some deodorant for good measure too, and good thing I did!  (insert smelly jokes here:   )  Total spent: $12usd

    Now, at the moment I am working on a very small and crowded folding table while i continue to try to rearrange my “office” area, and everything is a total mess, and that is why pictures will be somewhat a mess as well!  I had a definite plan of how I wanted these ships to turn out, and knew exactly what parts I had in my Bits Box that I was going to use. ….and then I discovered that the Bits Box was thrown away by SWMBO.  Accidentally.  Well, poop.

    So, after emptying the contents of the containers I chose to start with I then filled the bottles with expanding sealant foam and quickly capped them.  This will help keep the bottle rigid.  Worked a treat too!  (until later…)

    Below is a picture of the first 4 ships being worked on, after a few hours:

    One the left (the black deodorant stick) will be a Survey Scout ship, based on the Pukara Scout originally designed by Moon Toad Publishing.  I always thought it was a neat design, though totally impractical!  Also, with the hull section being more vertical as compared to most ship layouts it will be quite distinctive.  So far I’ve only added a big LIDAR dome on the upper nose and the Bridge on top (as well as failing at adding some bulges for landing gear on the bottom that had to be removed) but the wingroots are already done as separate pieces.  They will have hefty vertical winglets that will reach the ground and act as ground supports.

    Next, with the green nose, will be a modified Modular Cutter type design.  Basically a torpedo, it will have a stabilizer along the top at the rear, and other than that it’ll be pretty vanilla.  All of these ships are going to have landing gear as they will be part of the RPG we are playing, so will need to be shown on the ground a lot.

    3rd… the grey deodorant stick… this one is a mess.  I had all of these parts I was going to stick on there, all of these plans… but nope, all gone.  So, new plan: slap a bunch of crap on it!  That monstrous nose on the front came from a fuel tank for a 1/32 scale F-16.  You’ll be seeing a lot of parts form that kit all over these ships, just so you know.  Also, it’s upside down.  Yup, the top will be mostly flat, there will be some squarish wings, maybe a sort of tail.  It is meant to be a slap-dash cobbled together little pirate ship manned by some outcast Garrhul.

    And finally, at the bottom, the “Princess Irrulan”.  A small luxury liner that hauls rich people anywhere, for a price of course.  So far all that is done is putting the crew area on the top (used large and small wooden half-eggs and a bunch of milliput) and some filler around the cap end.  It is meant to have a huge window on the front for the passenger lounge, but we will see how it turns out, mainly because I messed it up.  See, I decided she needed wings, and so cut a slot along the molding seam on each side, forgetting that the bottle was full of expanded foam and it was under a bit of pressure. This caused part of the cut area to bow-out and the seam to split and lift.  Not sure if it is recoverable by closing it up with milliput, but superglue did not work at all.  In fact, superglue hasn’t worked on any of these bottles, even after their surface was washed and even roughed up with sandpaper.

    I have a pile of styrene sheets of different thicknesses and other parts just waiting for me to make a little more progress with basic structures and what not before I can add paneling.  More WIPs to come!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."



    I loves me some junkbashed space ships!

    My wife has already learned that the one deciding factor when buying any new shampoo, deoderant etc. is “does it come in an interesting container?”

    I’m going to enjoy following your progress on these.




    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

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