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    This is a blog review of Knyghte, Pyke, and Sworde by Nordic Weasel Games. It is a small skirmish between Persians and Galatians (although the rules are generic.)

    I hope you enjoy it:


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    Good review too bad it’s not that playable for solo games as that’s all I can do now. Thanks !!

    Nathaniel Weber

    Nice review! I agree it is a fun game but disagree on its soloability—I have been playing it bunches solo (playing both sides) and have quite enjoyed it.

    Idea I had while walking: if you want the activations a bit less predictable maybe when it is your turn to activate, nominate 2 units—your 1st and 2nd choice–and roll 1d6. On a 2-6 you get your 1st choice; on a 1, your second.  This would introduce some more chaos to the system. Adjust those d6 values for how random you want it to be. (This wouldn’t address the bluffing aspect of activation that Coyotepuncmentioned, though.)

    Pierre Amichaud


    I read the rule and it seems it can be the one that allows me to make some dark age or low fantasy skirmishes, between a small skirmish like Open Combat and a larger one like Saga.

    I have some questions :

    • In another topic, someone asked if an Individual classified as “Missile” have +0 when fighting a close combat, what is the answer ?
    • It seems to me that a Fighter has no advantage to be a Charger since he always throws two dice, unless he throws three dice and pick the best when engaging ?
    • Does a Fighter classified as a Missile or Skirmisher throw 1D6+1D6 when shooting ?

    I apologize because english is not my language…

    Thank you,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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