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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    I am playing a campaign with Steve at the moment.
    What I intend to do is re-play the games we have been doing at his, at my home and chronicle them and post here.
    They will be the same scenarios but re-played, solo.

    The idea is to make available the background and story arc and try to present it as a story driven timeline of the Liao River Valley and its settlements.
    It will also hopefully serve as a showcase for 6mm sci-fi skirmish.

    So here is some rough background before the first game.


    Before we learn a bit about the planet of Kometenmelodie we should first understand why people are settling there…

    It is the future, and now, more than ever money talks. The earth is overcrowded, polluted and dying.

    Corporations have taken to deep space to increase profits for their ever greedy shareholders and governments struggle to keep order due to the size of the expansion into space and a distinct lack of money, as such many key players and territorial leaders are influenced by donations from corporate sponsors.
    Corporate off world colonies are the new “brave frontier”.

    The majority of off worlders are in the employ of companies that have a vested interest in space exploitation exploration.
    Typical off worlders live in small colonies where they mine for raw materials and conduct scientific research in places where the laws of earth are difficult to enforce and ignored whenever possible.

    Some off worlders however are private individuals who managed to save enough money to escape the certainty of a short and brutal life on earth to book a one way flight. They travel with the highly popular Virgin Stellar company, who are by far the largest private commercial space flight company.
    Jenson, their CEO, promises a “bright new future” off world, a future that most can only dream of. Branching out into the unknown, these individuals look to set up small farmsteads and small holdings on the many earth like planets that the corporations currently have no interest in.

    Throughout the space now occupied by humans, Earth Corps Marines aided by their corporate sponsors can be found patrolling and policing the corporate and private colonies. The laws of earth originally extended to all human colonies and on the majority, earth law still applies. However, the taxes imposed by Earth on the off world colonies are increasing year by year and as a result more colonies choose to liberate themselves. Liberation in the eyes of the colonists, is seen as rebellion by Earth. These rebellions need to be stopped!

    In many cases the struggle for liberty is encouraged by the corporations. Some corporations openly resist Earth’s attempts to quell the rebellions. After all an independent colony will not be required to pay any Earth taxes and as usual Corporation Tax is something to avoid…. however possible. These rebellions have led to many corporations forming their own private ‘liberation’ armies.

    British Petroleum Industries has the largest such private force with its own small fleet of frigates that protect its colonies independence with vigour.
    It is a trend that is beginning to worry both EarthGov and rival corporations.


    It was first discovered by Admiral Zheng He of the Peoples New Republic of Chin.

    Kometenmelodie is a first generation colony world; that is the original settlers are still here, alive and well.
    It lies 2.5 years from Earth and has both a very similar atmosphere and gravity to Earth; no significant terraforming was needed, just minor introductions of certain Terran biological cultures.

    It has frozen poles and the continents contain a myriad of geological features, from deserts to rain forests, mountain ranges to lush grasslands.
    If it were not for the colours of the flora it could at first glance be mistaken for Earth.

    It of course has its own eco-system and the flora and fauna are linked together as on Earth.
    The indigenous wildlife seems very hardy compared to Earth animals, many have armoured skin and exoskeletons.

    It has no moons and the days are 30 hours long.
    The nights on Kometenmelodie are dark.

    The action takes place in an area that has a climate similar to the UK; that is, warm and wet in the summer and cold and wet in the winter.
    Note the wetness, it rains a lot.
    This area is known as Liaoning.

    Most of the settlements in Liaoning are not far from the Liao river.

    BPI are big players here as the world is rich in fuel.
    They have one main refining plant and several drilling stations dotted across Liaoning.

    The Earth Corps Marines were stationed here for a while but frequent encounters with BPI troops and various local wildlife, combined with the massive costs of keeping them on the planet meant that EarthGov pulled them out.

    This annoyed the few settlers that are here as they are paying tax to EarthGov and as such demand that EarthGov ensure their safety.
    EarthGov came up with a compromise.
    They would fund a new force for a year to protect the settlers.
    Once this year has elapsed EarthGov will cease financial aid to the new armed force and they will be on their own.

    Thus the Regional Defence Force (RDF) came to be born.
    They protect a small area as shown on the map below:

    1: Anshan
    2: Anvil Gate
    3: Dreamholme
    4: Mariposa
    5: RDF base
    6: BPI Facility

    More to come…

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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    The RDF are on a patrol, checking out an area as there have been reports of Junker Insurgent activity nearby. The Junker Insurgents have planned an ambush for the RDF and are lying in wait…

    Junker Major Victory
    Kill over half the RDF troop total including at least 1 officer.
    Junker Minor Victory
    Destroy all RDF vehicles and at least 1 officer.

    RDF Major Victory
    Lose no more than 50% of the troop total, and kill more than 50% of the JI troop total or cause them to retreat.
    RDF Minor Victory
    Get at least 50% of the RDF troop total off the far table edge.

    SET UP


    The RDF win the initiate and opt to go first.
    They try to command Alpha’s Pathfinder, fail the roll so the turn passes to the JI.

    The JI see this as an opportunity and try to command one of the hidden Bullfrogs, it too fails its roll (I suspect they were not keen to engage the other Pathfinder)

    Back to the RDF who try the other Pathfinder, a success.
    Having no targets in site it goes for full speed and zooms off.
    Having no targets the RDF opt to keep their troops inside the Pathfinder.

    The JI try to command a squad hidden in the rough terrain, they are going for aimed fire which is a 4+ but they have a more experienced squad leader who adds +1 to the roll.
    They roll a 1 which becomes 2, no good.

    It is now back to the RDF but as they have chosen not to activate any more the JI players keeps on with his.
    A try for the other Bullfrog truck.
    Another fail!
    They must be scared of the bigger heavier Pathfinders.

    That is all the JI players want to try, so on to turn two.


    The JI win the initiative and they once again try a hidden Bullfrog truck, another fail!!

    Over to the RDF who try Alpha’s Pathfinder, a success.
    Still having no targets as the JI have failed to pluck up the courage to attack, it too moves forward to meet up with Delta’s Pathfinder.
    However it decides to leave the road and create a wall, so that should any RDF troopers need to disembark, they can hide between the two vehicles.

    Still with the RDF, Alpha’s Pathfinder fails to move, perhaps they can sense something?

    The JI try their other Bullfrog, at last, one of them summons up the courage to get into the fray.
    It comes hurtling from behind the Oldson’s farm and opens up with its rockets, however as the driver is also the gunner it gets a penalty to hit for firing if it also moved…
    As such it misses and the rockets scream skyward…
    This causes the farmers and workers in the Deema fields to run for cover and they scatter.

    The JI infantry fail to come out of hiding after failing another roll, maybe they won’t fight until the Pathfinders are out of action?


    Again the JI win the initiative.
    The Bullfrog truck tries to command, something it really must do if it does not want the Pathfinders to fire first.
    It fails… Ooops could be bad.
    However Alpha’s Pathfinder also fails, perhaps it is the shock?

    Sensing a chance for glory, the other Bullfrog enters the fray.
    Again hurtling along and firing on the move, it comes from behind the far patch of cover and let’s loose the rockets of war, scoring a hit on the Pathfinder of Delta.
    The Pathfinder fails it save and a roll on the damage chart shows… Weapon Destroyed!!
    Delta’s Pathfinders Grenade Machine Gun is rendered inoperable.
    Result for the JI.

    Still the JI infantry fail to command, as does Delta’s Pathfinder, as does another JI squad!!?

    The RDF have tried both their vehicles which leaves only infantry, now with a GMG less, Major Kemp orders his squad out of the Pathfinder and to advance on the nearest Bullfrog and take it down.

    In an amazing display of military prowess the squad disembarks, moves toward the Bullfrog, fires its RPG and gets a hit, the Bullfrog fails its save and the RDF score a great result, weapon destroyed!

    The threat from the closest Bullfrog is removed; however the far one can still make a mess of the squishy infantry, so the rest of the squad lay down smoke to block LOS.


    The RDF win the initiative.
    Alpha squad are more likely to make a successful command roll as they have Major Kemp in direct command (He is Guard status which grants +2 to command rolls), but they will do less damage then the Pathfinder if it hits which is less likely to command.
    For Alpha to get LOS though they will need to advance through the smoke.

    We decide to try the Pathfinder and then see if Alpha needs to break cover and also engage the Bullfrog.
    The Pathfinder fails and the turn passes to the JI.
    In order for the far Bullfrog to hit Alpha’s Pathfinder (which has the operable GMG) it will need to move, which will mean a penalty to hit.
    Instead it stays put and tries to aim fire at Delta’s instead.
    It passes its roll and gets one hit.
    Delta’s Pathfinder passes its save.

    The JI squad in hiding again fail to come out!
    Not funny any more.
    This means it is the RDFs turn and over to Alpha Squad to try and advance on the Bullfrog.
    They move through the smoke and fire their RPG, alas it misses and they are now in the open…
    Using up their limited supply of smoke they drop two more in front of them.
    Three smoke used and only two left…

    Still with RDF Delta’s Pathfinder is ordered to follow up and support Alpha, they get a one and stay put.

    With the smoke being where it is the other Junker infantry opt to remain hidden.
    The first lot of smoke is now removed.


    The JI win the initiative and try to active their infantry in the cover.
    They do!!

    This could be very bad for Alpha as this JI squad has all sorts of firepower, an RPG, sniper rifle and Molotov cocktails.

    It is bad news, seven hits on Alpha, they do quite well and pass three saves but that leaves four unsaved hits, that equates to two dead RDF. As the sniper hit, we rolled saves against that separately as a sniper has special rules regarding who is removed as the result of casualties.
    Fortunately the RDF pass the sniper save or that would no doubt be the Major Dead.
    Still, two dead is a big old blow.

    The JI bullfrog now passes and moves to get a line on Apha’s Pathfinder..
    Two hits!!
    No saves, so that is +1 on the damage chart as it failed one additional save.
    Phew, the JI roll a one, which becomes a two.
    The Pathfinders targeting system is destroyed meaning -1 to hit for it.

    The remaining JI stay in cover and play moves to the RDF.

    The RDF are up against it now, Alpha’s Pathfinder opens fire with an aimed fire on the Bullfrog, the +1 aimed is negated by the damaged targeting system however..
    Three sixes though!
    The Bullfrog passes one save, leaving two, so +1 on the damage chart, uggh two becomes three. The Bullfrogs axel is all busted and can only move at combat speed…
    Not the result the RDF wanted after getting three hits!

    Over to Alpha now, they are ordered to return fire.
    Risky, but they are hoping to lay down fire and be backed up by Delta.
    They pass and fire their RPG and lob frag grenades into the packed JI squad, five hits, very impressive.
    The JI fail all their saves and this means two dead and the JI squad is shaken.

    Over to Delta now, they are told to bring Old Painless and advance… they pass!
    Not only do they have a Minigun, but Deltas Officer has a flamer which ignores cover…
    Lots of dice to roll here.
    Four hits, only one save.
    The squad has three hits to take, they are already shaken so that means, two dead.
    Just one man left, the sniper…

    The original Bullfrog which has no functioning weapon decides time to bug out and flees the field.
    The other hidden JI squads stay hidden as the smoke is blocking their LOS.

    End of the turn and the smoke is removed.


    Just when the JI really need to win the initiative they fail.
    The RDF need to take out that sniper but they also can’t afford to ignore that Bullfrog.
    Alpha being the most dependable unit are ordered to engage the sniper in HTH.
    It is quite a difficult order but with Kemp there they pass and run at the lone JI.
    Three versus one is bad enough, but when you factor in the RDF have better armour and Chayonets on their rifles (chainsaw bayonets) they should be onto a winner.
    The sniper fails to wound anyone, Alpha hit the sniper twice and he fails his save, meaning he is toast.

    Still with the RDF, Alpha’s Pathfinder is order to fire upon the Bullfrog. Again the aimed +1 is negated by the damaged targeting system.
    Two hits though, arrrrgh two saves by the Bullfrog!!

    However still with the RDF, Delta are ordered to fall back into their Pathfinder, which they do.
    Tucked up nicely inside, the Pathfinder then passes its roll and moves up to Alpha squad.

    The RDF had a great turn with everything passing its rolls.

    So over to the JI and their Bullfrog, it passes, fires gets one hit, the Pathfinder fails its save!
    The damage roll is a six, weapon destroyed!!

    No Pathfinders have operable GMGs.
    The only thing that can take down the Bullfrog now is Alpha and their RPG.
    But that would mean staying in the open and risking exposure to the hidden JI squads.

    The RDF plan is to get in the Pathfinders and exit the table for a minor victory.
    The JI need to take out an RDF officer and if they are all in the Pathfinder then the only thing they have is the Bullfrog…

    Could be interesting..


    The RDF pass and have a change of heart, they try to move Deltas Pathfinder out of the way of Alpha, it fails, it was pretty sure that Alpha were meant to be getting inside so gets confused…

    Over to the JI.
    The Bullfrog passes and aims at Delta’s Pathfinder, three hits!!
    No saves!!
    +2 on the damage chart, what will it be???

    A one.
    Which becomes a three, sucks.
    However that is running gear damaged which will slow the pathfinder down.
    +2 though and rolling a one…

    The JI pass over to the RDF.
    As Delta’s Pathfinder failed to move out the way, Alpha advance around it and get LOS on the Bullfrog.
    The RPG scores one hit, the Bullfrog fails its save.
    Another damage chart roll of one, crew stunned.
    The Bullfrog gets -1 to its next command roll.

    Alpha’s Pathfinder is order to move toward the far edge.


    JI win the initiative.
    They try something new.
    They try to move the Bullfrog which it does.

    It reverses up and fires on Delta’s Pathfinder, three sixes, with no saves?!!
    +2 on the damage chart, three becomes a five, weapon destroyed, we have had that so we roll again.
    Five, becomes a seven.. eeek, the Pathfinder is destroyed.
    All people inside must save or die..
    The Officer first then as this is key to the JI victory conditions, officer fails.
    Two others fail and two others pass.
    The two survivors bail out.

    That was part one of their plan, part two means the JI sniper team that could not see the RDF as the Bullfrog was in the way try to aimed fire at Alpha.
    They pass and reveal themselves and fire..

    Two hits out of three dice, however as the sniper has spotter with him he can re-roll any one die, he re-rolls the failed dice and still misses, handy though so two hits, two failed armour rolls.
    Means a dead RDF. When ever a model is removed the firing squad rolls a d6, on a six the firer chooses which one.
    However if the killing shot comes from a sniper then he chooses on a 5 or 6 rather than just a six.
    They rolled a two so the RDF player chooses who dies.

    The situation is now that the JI have taken out just over half the RDF force including an officer.
    They have achieved a major victory, and in doing so made it impossible for the RDF to meet any of their objectives.

    Not wanting to risk further losses, the JI pull out and leave the RDF to limp home…

    Next Up – Debriefing.

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Great AAR Michael. I just wish my Junkers were as effective as yours in this scenario.

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks


    The Junker Insurgents managed to get a Major Victory and the RDF got a kicking.

    Using the campaign rules we award the following Victory Points:

    5 Junker Insurgents neutralised = 25 VP

    25 VP total

    6 RDF neutralised = 30 VP
    1 Pathfinder neutralised = 20 VP
    Major Victory = 100 VP

    150 VP total

    Now to see if the infantry that have been removed as casualties recover or not.

    2 of the RDF are dead.
    3 are just winged and are ready to fight in the next game.
    The Officer is alive but must sit the next game out whilst he recovers.

    2 of the JI are dead.
    2 are good to go in the next game.
    The JI sarge is also dead.

    So the RDF lost a vehicle, 2 grunts and the other Pathfinder was damaged.
    They have 25 VP, they can use this to repair and recruit.
    However as a basic RDF grunt costs 25 points that is all they can do.
    The RDF spend their 25 points on recruiting a new grunt.

    So their force is down 1 grunt, 1 pathfinder ranger and their other PFR is damaged.

    The JI lost 3 troops including a sarge.
    They also had 2 vehicles damaged.
    The cost to repair both their vehicles is 68 points, they do this which gives them 82 left.
    The 2 JI grunts cost 38 points to replace, this leaves them with 44.
    They spend 22 on replacing the sarge, giving them 22 left.
    This 22 is not quite enough to replace the sniper so they save it.

    So overall:

    The Junker Insurgents are down 1 sniper and have 22 VP in the kitty.
    The RDF are down 1 Pathfinder Ranger, down 2 Grunts and their other Pathfinder Ranger is damaged.

    You can see that in the next game the RDF have less to choose from as their forces took a beating.
    The JI are almost at full strength…

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Next game:

    Anshan Antics.

    The RDF have been contacted via Steve Chang about a Junker civilian that has a tip off.
    The civilian is no fan of the insurgents and he has information about some JI hidden weapon caches.
    The RDF must head to Anshan and get to the Junker civilian so he can tell them the locations.

    If the RDF can find the informant and gather the intel about their caches it could be a massive blow to the JI.

    RDF Major Victory
    The RDF extract the informant by taking him off the table via their starting edge.

    RDF Minor Victory
    The RDF find the informant and leave the table with the data.

    JI Major Victory
    The JI recover the informant and take him off the table via their starting edge.

    JI Minor Victory
    The JI prevent the RDF from achieving their victory conditions.

    The Informant is in one of the buildings.

    To search a building requires 2 figures per turn. (So a regular squad of 5 could search 2 buildings per turn)
    To search, the squad must pass its ‘search’ command roll (3+) and spend the entire turn doing nothing other than searching.
    For each building searched, roll a D6. On a 6 they have found him.
    If all buildings except for one have been searched unsuccessfully, assume he is in the last building, there is no need to roll.
    Once he has been found he will be assigned to the squad that found him.
    The Informant will only be killed if the squad he is attached to is destroyed and he fails his save of 6+.

    Avatar photoEarther

    This is all very interesting! I love the pics too.

    The op to snatch the squealer in Anshan looks like it might be a hell of a slog for the battered RDF. But I’m rooting for them!

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    The op to snatch the squealer in Anshan looks like it might be a hell of a slog for the battered RDF. But I’m rooting for them

    Indeed, but they still have a lot of troops left.
    Both sides only sent about 50% of their troops into the first game.
    So the RDF can still match the JI for the next game assuming the scenario uses about half of the original starting force.
    It just means the RDF will have pretty much all their cards on the table and the JI will have reserves.

    Avatar photoEarther

    Curse those sneaky Junkers…

    Wouldn’t want to be the commander if that op goes south!


    “I told you, never get out of the frakkin’ Pathmaster!”

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Anshan Antics

    For this report I will do the text first with pictures later, let me know which format you prefer.


    The RDF have their Pathfinder Archer MS1 Command Module with them.
    The MS1 CM deploys drones and various tech to create a more effective and efficient command and control system.
    As such at the beginning of each turn the RDF player may use one of the MS1s special abilities.
    He can either add one to the initiave roll or re-roll any failed command roll.

    The RDF choose the re-roll.

    The JI win the initiative.
    One of the Bullfrog Pickup Trucks tries to command, it does and it zooms off at break neck speed toward the first group of Junker shanties.
    Still their turn, the JI tries to command the troops in the back of the BPT to disembark with an advance order, they pass too.
    The JI squad is moved to cover two buildings ready for searching next turn.
    Still their turn the JI try to command a BPT but fail, so the turn passes to the RDF.

    The RDF try to command the Pathfinder Paladin Warrior.
    They fail so opt to use the re-roll from the MS1 CM, and the re-roll passes!
    It moves at combat speed through the buildings and gets LOS on the BPT, it has a Damage Value of 6 so rolls 6D6, needing 5+.
    It gets no hits! 

    The Junker Civilians now scatter and hide inside their homes.

    Still their turn the RDF try to command the MS1 but fail.
    The turn passes back to the JI.

    The JI successfully command one of their BPT Missile Launcher trucks and it weaves its way past the deema filed and gets ready to fire ate the Paladin.
    The JI favour the Bullfrog pick up truck as it is reliable and easy to get hold of and repair.
    However they are essentially civilian vehicles.
    The BPT ML has no gunner, the driver must fire the weapon.
    So as it moved this turn it gets a penalty to its hit roll, -1.
    It has a DV4 so rolls 4D6 but needs 6’s, they all miss.

    Still their turn they try the other BPT ML, it fails.

    The RDF fail their roll so again back to the JI.

    The other BPT moves up and drops off a squad which advance ready to search next turn, this squad has a man with a rocket launcher, he fires at the paladin, 2DV, both miss!

    Determined to damage the Paladin before it makes a mess of the JI, a lone rocket launcher insurgent hops into the back of a truck, the driver of which then stalls in panic.

    The turn passes to the RDF.
    Major Kemp, commander in chief of the RDF is a guard status trooper, this gives him a significant bonus to command rolls and a not too bad bonus to attack rolls.
    He is a veteran of many conflicts.
    He leads Alpha Squad out of the Pathfinder Archer that is pulling the MS1 and up to the junker tower, ready to search it next turn.

    At the far end of the table, Red Elvis a JI squad leader, so named for his red dyed hair in nice quiff complete with red side burns pushes on and into the tented area, poor even by Junker standards.

    So, we have the JI poised and ready to search some buildings with squads coming up in support and a BPT ML taking on the Paladin.
    The RDF Paladin now has LOS to the JI and Alpha Squad is at the tower ready to search.


    Needing to fire first the RDF opt to use the CM’s +1 to initiative rather than the order re-roll.
    They get a 1 which becomes a 2, the JI roll a 2!
    A tie, so we roll again.
    The RDF get a 5 which becomes a 6, the JI get a 5.
    Close and lucky, the RDF win the initiave due to better battlefield intelligence courtesy of the MS1 CM.
    Now, having won the initiative it would be a blow to fail to command anything, so the RDF player goes for Alpha Squad which with Major Kemp only needs a 2+.
    They pass and fire their missile whilst the rest of the squad search the tower.
    The missile has 3DV and gets 1 hit on the pick up that stalled last turn.
    It fails its save and the RDF player rolls a 6, looking at the civilian vehicle chart we see a 6 is total explosion zoom zigg!
    The pick up is toast as is the poor man in the back.
    The rest of the squad fail to find the informant in the tower.

    The RDF player now tries the Paladin and passes.
    It aim fires at the BPT ML that is near the deema field, 6DV gets us 3 hits.
    The JI player fails all 3 saves.
    This means we have 2 additional failed saves past the first.
    So we add +2 to the damage roll.
    (This system means that small weapons are less able to add big modifier’s to the damage roll whereas big guns are more able.
    It has the effect that if you have small guns, then you will probably only take down a vehicle by hitting it several times, whereas if you have a big-ass gun you are more likely to get a nice bonus to the damage roll and get an instant kill.)
    Anyway, we roll a one.. which becomes a three.

    The running gear on the BPT ML is damaged and it can not move faster than combat speed.
    As it happens, combat speed for the BPT is still faster than full speed for the Paladin!

    Still with the RDF the MS1 passes and moves toward the fray and fires its Smart Missiles at a JI squad that looks poised to fire at the RDF.
    It ends up scoring 1 hit which the JI fail to save so the JI squad becomes shaken (-1 to its command rolls until it passes a roll)
    Still with the RDF we try to command a squad inside the actual MS1 module to get out, they fail so the turn hands over to the JI.

    The BPT ML shoots at the Paladin and gets 2 hits.
    However the Paladin has more armour than the regular pathfinder and passes both the saves.
    They then command the JI squad at the rear to search the 2 Junker shanties, they roll and the VIP is not in either of them.
    Now we try the shaken squad, sense says to fall back or tack cover as those orders are easier to pass as they have a lower difficulty, which when you have a -1 to your roll you want an easy roll.
    However the JI commander is having none of it and orders them to return fire, they refuse the order and dither about some getting into cover, some thinking about returning fire, some arguing about what to do.
    As it happens their roll was high enough to fall back…

    The RDF’s turn now.
    They have Charlie Squad inside the Paladin.
    Now the Paladin is not at all designed for ease of access.
    It can only hold half as many infantry as a regular Pathfinder and the big doors at the back for getting in and out of are blocked with extra armour.
    So the only way in and out is through the emergency exits on the side.
    It takes an entire turn to get in or out of a Paladin which can leave the troops very vulnerable should they need to get out.
    However with the other Pathfinders being shot up from the last encounter they are not field worthy so have not been deployed.
    Charlie squad leaves the Paladin and hopes for the best.


    The RDF opt for the re-roll rather than the initiative bonus.
    Good call as they won the initiative easily.

    They try the Paladin which only springs into life thanks to that re-roll.
    6DV = 6D6, we get 5 hits.
    The JI player saves 1 so we have 4 hits on the BPT ML.
    As noted before, as we have 3 additional failed saves, we add +3 to the damage roll.
    This is something a smaller gun could not do due to a smaller DV.
    We roll a 4, plus 3 = 7.
    That is a big old blown up truck!!

    Alpha Squad move up to another shanty ready to search, they also fire at the JI as they do so, they get 1 hit but the JI passes his save.

    They now try the Pathfinder Archer, they are tempted to advance so they can see the other BPT ML but that would mean forgoing an aimed shot.
    So they stay put and aimed fire at the JI infantry.
    The target squad is still shaken and we get 4 hits with no saves passed.
    2 JI dead and still shaken.

    Charlie Squad advance to the relative safety of the deema field and fire at Red Elvis and his mean.
    2 hits and 2 failed saves = 1 dead JI!
    The last RDF squad fails to command and stays put inside.

    Well this turn the RDF pretty much passed every single roll and made a mess of the JI.
    The BPT ML which was ignored by the Pathfinder Archer now shoots at the Paladin.
    3 hits with only 1 save, so 1 additional failed save means +1 on the damage chart.
    3+1 = 4, running gear destroyed, the Paladin is immobilised.

    This time the shaken JI are ordered to fall back and they pass.
    The rest of the JI fail their rolls!


    JI win the initiave after the RDF opt for the re-roll.

    The BPT ML fires at the Paladin and destroys the targeting system, meaning the Paladin gunner must aim manually. (-1 to hit)

    The previously shaken squad of JI now advance to a shanty ready to search next turn and their rocket launcher guy fires at the paladin but misses.

    Red’s JI squad duck behind a large junker building after taking fire from Charlie Squad.

    The other JI squad advances ready to search and they all fire at Alpha Squad, only the JI sniper hits and the RDF fail their save and are shaken as Kemp takes a flesh wound!

    The RDF Paladin fires, -1 for no targeting system but +1 for taking its time and aiming means an unmodified roll.
    It hits the BPT ML and destroys the rocket pod!

    The Pathfinder Archer fires and takes out a JI trooper.

    Major Kemp now orders the lads inside the building to search whist he applies his med-kit, however he is interrupted by the shouts coming from inside, whilst searching the RDF rolled a 6 and found their man!

    It is at this point the best the JI can do is try and kill the informant to prevent the RDF from getting a victory, however with no LOS and no vehicle mounted weapons and a depleted force, he lets the RDF leave the field without further bloodshed.

    Yay the RDF!





















    Avatar photoEarther

    And the RDF pull it out of the bag!

    But will there be time for victory sushi prior to evac? 

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    I am going to try and do this more regularly.

    So the RDF got their man and he has given them the locations of several Crimson Alliance (formerly known as the Junker Insurgents) weapons caches.

    The RDF are heading off to one of the nearest to see what sort of gear they have and to try and find where they are getting it from.

    The forces are now detailed on an excel spreadsheet with each man having their own entry in order to make record keeping easier.

    But to summarise:

    The RDF have:

    4 squads of 5 infantry
    1 Pathmaster
    1 Pathfinder Paladin – Warrior
    2 Pathfinder – Rangers


    The Crimson Alliance have:

    4 squads of 5 infantry
    1 Juraped Cavalry Squad
    2 Bullfrog pick-up trucks
    2 Bullfrog pick-up trucks with missile pods

    I hope to play the game on Friday…

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Ooh, I’m intrigued, looking forward to reading about this!

    Avatar photoEarther

    Yay! Hurry up Friday!

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    The RDF acting upon the information they received from the informant, head off to locate one of the hidden caches of the Crimson Alliance (what the Junker Insurgents have started calling themselves).

    Below we see the set up with the well defended Crimson Alliance (CA) supply dump.

    It would seem however to be manned by unarmed civilians…

    As the RDF advance cautiously the civvies start running about and pulling weapons from crates and donning body armour

    The leader of the CA gets on the horn and request immediate support.
    Of course with the CA being less well organised, that support could be anything at anytime, or nothing at all, only time will tell.

    Delta Squad of the RDF decide to head into cover and the Pathfinder Ranger (PR) makes for some broken ground and the troops disembark and leg it into the cover.

    Alpha squad inside the other PR head forward toward the CA and open up with its Grenade Machine Gun.
    A combination of a moving firing platform, cover and body armour means the CA take no hits.

    From behind their cover the CA return fire with their rockets, a great shot!

    It slams into the side of the PR and damages its axle, so much so in fact it is immobilised.

    Alpha squad get out the back quick sharp and start making their way around the CA’s left flank, the immobile but still weapons able PR drops smoke to cover them and let’s rip with its GM on the CA.
    Scratch one CA…
    The CA return fire but the inferior rocket is deflected by the PRs armour system.

    Delta now having made their way through the cover draw a bead on the CA and open fire, much aiming was done except from the Minigun trooper, that is more a point and fire kind of gun.
    Scratch up another dead CA soldier.

    The CA are taking heavy losses with only two left alive and they are pinned and shaken.

    An internal fire on Alphas PR means they are too busy firefighting to get any shots off, Alpha must lay down their own smoke.

    Suddenly from behind the cache, some lolloping Jurapeds bound into view.
    Quite literally the cavalry has arrived, the Crimson Alliance Juraped Mounted Infantry.
    The CAJMI are known by the CA as CatchMe, cos you can’t.

    They deactivate the proximity mines and head up toward Delta.
    Being very careful to keep that rocky outcrop between Delta and themselves, they advance in single file (but not to hide their numbers). Delta are told by Alpha that the CACAV is coming, they ponder what to do.

    Alpha meanwhile head around the side and get into a position to start firing at the CA.

    Alas they miss.

    Suddenly, the CA bullfrog pick-up opens fire at Alpha’s PR.
    The RDF had assumed it was empty as it had not moved at all up until now.
    The rocket scream from the Bullfrog and slam right into the PR completely blowing its turret weapon off and making the PR now just a crippled mess.

    Suddenly the RDF are down a vehicle and Delta squad are being stalked by some fresh cavalry troops.

    The Bullfrog opens fire again this time it takes out Delta’s PR’s GMG.
    The RDF have no vehicle weapons…

    Delta fire at the CA and miss, Alpha takes a shot at the Bullfrog but the rocket jams and no shot.

    The Bullfrog overheats from constantly firing all tubes, the safety kicks in and it goes into ‘safe mode’.

    After what seems like an eternity, Alpha get a shot off at the Bullfrog and blow a wheel off, immobilising the vehicle.
    Not really the result they wanted.

    Grabbing the bull by the horns, Delta move out of cover and move around the rocky outcrop and open fire on the surprised CA cavalry.
    They kill one rider and the Juraped makes a dash for freedom.

    The Cavalry rush at the RDF and viscous HTH ensues.
    Normally the RDF would have an edge in HTH with the CA as their Chayonets will tear through flesh and armour.
    However the bulk and bony heads of the ‘peds counter this advantage.
    In the first round 2 CA and 1 RDf are down.
    This is the first RDF loss of life…

    From here it all starts to go downhill.
    In the HTH all the RDF except 1 are killed and all but 1 CatchMe are taken out.

    Over on the other flank the two remaining CA manage to get the drop on Alpha and lay down enough fire to kill an RDF trooper.

    In KR 16, when a trooper is killed, the firing player rolls a d6 and on a 6* he may choose the casualty.
    This instance was the first such 6 of the game.
    The CA player chooses that Major Kemp, the CinC of the RDF is the one killed.

    *snipers chose on a 5 or 6.

    The RDF are broken and retreat.

    The CA have taken a beating but they have defended their supply base and forced back the RDF and taken out their highest ranking officer, they count their blessings and decide not to pursue incase fate turns against them.

    100 VP to the Crimson Alliance.

    Crimson Alliance Losses

    4 CAJMI
    1 sniper
    3 troopers
    1 damaged Bullfrog

    Regional Defence Force Losses

    Major Kemp
    3 troopers
    1 minigun specialist
    2 damaged Pathfinder Rangers

    —————– ———————————– ——————————- ———————————

    However not all battlefield casualties are dead.
    We roll on the recovery chart.

    The sniper is dead dead
    One of the troopers is dead too.
    The other two live, but one has serious wounds and must sit out the next game.
    2 of the cavalry are dead, the other 2 recover.

    Major Kemp LIVES!! (I am so pleased)
    The minigun specialist, and 2 of the other RDF troopers also recover, meaning only 1 RDF loss of life.

    Victory Points

    With the 100VP, the CA:

    Repair the damaged truck 34pts
    Replace their sniper 28pts
    Replace their trooper 19pts

    19 points in the kitty and just 2 cav down.

    The RDF won no VP and can not replace any losses/repair any vehicles.

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Cool !!

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Very exiting battle, the CA proved a tough nut I see!

    A great read!

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